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Retail Operations Manual

Increase the consistency of retail delivery with a retail operations manual

Customised to your business, these programs and manuals ensure all processes and procedures are communicated to all stakeholders consistently and accurately, resulting in a higher business value potential.

Our retail operations manuals include all elements of the retail business to enable the effective and consistent delivery of the retail offer instore.

Some topics include:

  • company profile and culture
  • daily operations
  • customer service standards
  • daily, weekly and monthly checklists
  • housekeeping standards
  • visual merchandising
  • safe work practices and OHS
  • staff recruitment, induction and training
  • staff code of conduct

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Celebrating over two decades in Fashion Recruitment, we are the leader in our field and, through our 7 divisions, cover the entire fashion and retail industry.

With offices in London’s West End and Nottingham, we recruit for fashion and retail jobs throughout the UK and Internationally. We’re preferred suppliers to an impressive number of blue-chip retail multiples and numerous fashion and retail brands, fashion suppliers, fashion manufacturers and fashion designers. We place the best talent across the fashion industry; from entry level roles through to executive appointments.

Our consultants really are the best in the business, all with backgrounds from the sector of the industry they now recruit for. Working with you every step of the way, you’ll find our approach relaxed yet informative; personable yet professional.

Whether you require a new addition to your team, or are looking to further develop your career we’re passionate about understanding your motivations so that we can work in partnership with you.

Posted: 23 November 2015. Retail has changed dramatically in the last year and, more importantly, the rate of change seems to be getting faster and faster.Looking at my local high street in Hampstead this.

Posted: 13 November 2015. The UK high street fashion industry is worth �26 billion to the economy and it supports approximately 797,000 jobs. But how exactly does a garment come into being and who.

Posted: 19 October 2015. Visual merchandising is a fiercely competitive industry so climbing the career ladder can be tough, but with the right attitude, knowledge and preparation your next great position can be just.

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Retail Operations Job Descriptions

You might serve in a number of roles in a retail operation.

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Retail operations — where goods are sold to the public — require a range of specialized professionals to operate efficiently. It takes professionals in positions ranging from supervision to sales and inventory management to run a retail store smoothly. In small shops, a few employees might wear many hats and perform more than one job duty, while larger stores have separate job titles for each position.


Retail managers are in charge of the overall operations of a particular branch or store. They direct employees in carrying out their duties. They are directly responsible for the financial success of the store and for implementing store policies. Managers typically are in charge of coordinating the hiring, scheduling and training of employees. They also answer to direct supervisors or owners, ensuring that certain goals are met. The ultimate responsibility for customer satisfaction falls to the retail managers as well.


Salespeople work on the floor of the store. Some work in specific departments, while others work throughout the entire store. The job of the salesperson is to directly assist customers and help them get what they need. Salespeople welcome customers and ask whether they need assistance. Knowledge of the store layout is crucial, and salespeople should also be up to date on sales and special offerings. Knowledge of the products and the ability to make suggestions are also important.


Retail stockers are responsible for keeping the store filled with products. A normal shift involves receiving a shipment of goods and completing the related paperwork. Items are then either put into appropriate storage or stocked on the shelves of the store. After this, stockers generally survey the store and fill out an order for goods that are in need. Stockers occasionally take a full inventory of the store. They are responsible for making sure that the store s inventory meets consumer demands.


Cashiers help customers pay for their goods. They need to have good math and cash register skills to ensure that neither the store nor the customer gets shortchanged. Cashiers also may provide customer service because they are readily available during checkout, when customers may have questions. They should have knowledge of the store s setup, products and store policies. Cashiers need to be able to multitask and cordially interact with customers, while checking people out as quickly as possible without making mistakes.


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Selecting the Most Effective Advertising Media

Q: Where can I get reliable response rate statistics for different advertising media?

A: I m wagering you d like to calculate your own, personal answer to the age-old question: If I spend this much money on advertising, what can I expect to see as a result?

A few years ago, a team from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia set out to establish the definitive answer to that very question. Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Colgate-Palmolive and a host of other big companies collectively invested more than a million dollars so that Wharton might track the return-on-investment experienced by several dozen small businesses as a result of advertising. These businesses were scientifically monitored and measured for seven long years. The final report filled more than 2,500 pages. Only three conclusions were reached:

1. There is no direct correlation between dollars invested and results gained. In other words, how much you spend and what you can expect to see in return are not directly linked by any kind of mathematical equation.

2. Results are inextricably linked to the message. Two advertisers invest the same amount of money reaching the same target audience. One succeeds brilliantly and buys the mansion on the hilltop. The other fails miserably, receiving no response whatsoever. The difference between these two was in the message of their ads.

Ads that speak to the heart of the customer and touch a nerve are the ones that turn little companies into big companies. But few people know how to write such an ad. Most business owners approach advertising with the goal of merely getting their name out. But there is no evidence to suggest this will help you in the slightest. The Wharton study indicates that everything hinges on the message you attach to your name. Is your message predictable and, consequently, boring? Is it believable? Is it relevant to the perceived need of the reader/listener/viewer? Tempt a dog with a bowl of rice, and he ll ignore you. Put a steak in the bowl, and you ll have his undivided attention. Your prospective customers are no different. What have you been putting in their bowls?

3. Results increase with repetition. When you ve identified a message that generates a positive response and you deliver that message consistently, business growth in year two will be approximately twice the growth of year one. Growth in year three will be approximately triple the growth of year one, with growth measured in dollars, not percentages. But following year three, anything can happen. Your business can explode exponentially, or it can flatten out as though hitting an invisible glass ceiling. I ve seen clients grow to 70 times their original size, and I ve seen clients slowly grow to only double or triple their original volume and then flatten out. The difference is in the clients, not in the ads.

The follow-up question I m sure you re dying to ask is, OK, let s assume we ve found a message that works. Now which medium is going to give me the most for my money? Again there s no simple answer, but I ll try to give you a frame of reference. These are the major media, with some more expensive than others. The one that s right for you depends entirely on your business.

  • Outdoor advertising/billboards: These reach more people for a dollar than any other media, but are limited to a picture and no more than eight words.
  • Radio: Reaches the second most people for a dollar, but cannot be targeted geographically and can only be loosely demographically targeted. But if people will drive significant distances to buy your product, or if you re selling a we come to you service, this is likely your best bet.
  • Cable television: Offers the impact of moving images as well as spoken words. Can easily be geographically targeted. But your ad will likely look homemade.
  • Broadcast television: Big prestige. Big bucks. But able to target psychographic profiles. Buy specific shows; never buy a rotator.
  • Newspapers: Reach customers who are in the market to buy today. Unfortunately, people not currently in the market for your product or service are less likely to notice your ad than if it had appeared in another media.
  • Magazines: Expensive, but high-impact with tight targeting. Little waste. Weakness is infrequency of repetition.
  • Direct mail: Highly targeted, all the way down to the level of the individual. But shockingly expensive to do right.
  • Yellow Pages: Essentially a service directory for the customer who has not yet made up his or her mind. Very foolish for retail businesses.

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The Business Retail Operations is responsible for providing quality and dependable goods and services to benefit various University constituencies including students, staff and faculty, as well as alumni, retirees and campus visitors. Please reference the departmental websites for specific information as it relates to operations.

Departments included within the division are:

Campus Bookstore (Managed/Operated by Barnes Noble)

Campus Services

Director Housing Residence Life
Campus Services Harris Commons, Business Retail Operations, 113
(321) 674-8076

Conference Services Bureau

Copy Center

Dining Services

Gleason Performing Arts Center/Campus Audio Visual

ID Card Services

Mailroom Services

Property Administration

Retail Operations

Emblematic Merchandise Management

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Benefits Coordinator
Student Health Insurance
Harris Commons, Business Retail Operations, 113
(321) 674-7707

University Plaza at Florida Tech

Property Management

Questions/Comments for the Business and Retail Operations department?

Visit us at the
Center for Student Success

Located in Harris Commons on the corner of Babcock Street and University Boulevard.
View the Campus Map

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eHobby Asia is a Hong Kong based company, we aim to bring you the Latest and Top Quality MilSim Airsoft, Skirmish Airsoft and Wargame Airsoft products. We provide products for MilSim Skirmish Survival Game, Military Simulation training, IPSC Airsoft Game. We also provide different Combat Gears for Airsoft Skirmishing, Shooting and War Game. In order to stay on top of today’s Competitive and Service demanding business market, it is our Goal to provide DAILY LOW PRICES TOP QUALITY SERVICES for you.

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eHobby Asia (亞洲模型玩具) 是一個以香港為基地的公司,本公司代理之產品種類繁多,有各類型生存遊戲 / 模擬戰爭 / 野戰 / 戰爭遊戲 / 實用射擊 / 射擊遊戲 / Milsim Airsoft, Skirmish Airsoft, War Game Airsoft 之氣槍、補給品和配件以及多種軍事用品。 此外,本公司跟多間大型供應商為長期合作夥伴,擁有強大的供應網絡、存貨充足、產品多元化,定能滿足不同種類顧客的需求。我們的目標是每日為您提供最優惠價格的和最優質的服務。

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Retail Operations Managers Career Path and Job Description

Retail Operations Managers are responsible for the daily activities of a business selling actual products (as opposed to services or ideas). These positions may be at the top of a large retail chain or in a small privately-owned specialty store. In any case, the Retail Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the company is profiting. He or she will deal closely with finances, customer service, personnel, and sometimes also with marketing and PR.

Unlike many other OM fields in sales, a Retail Operations Manager always deals with the sales of an actual product rather than, for example, services. Dealing with physical goods means certain job tasks like product control, delivery, packaging, and merchandising. This position requires extensive customer service and leadership skills.

The jobs requirements of both large and small retail operations are essentially the same to ensure profits by overseeing business aspects like customer service, sales, marketing, etc. The difference between working in a large and small operation is in how much hands-on experience you will have. Heads of large chains will hire other managers for the departments. In this case, you can expect to spend time analyzing financial data, customer service reports, and overseeing managers. You will probably have an office where you will spend lots of time talking to employees. In small retail stores, Retail Operations Managers will be involved in these departments themselves. You may work on the sales floor with your team; run training seminars, hire and fire employees, and stock merchandise. Expect to spend a lot of time on your feet. Retail Operations Managers usually have rotating schedules at work 40 hours a week.

Retail Operations Managers are great leaders with good communication skills. They must be great sales people and will speak with authority. In addition to these type B personality traits, a Retail Operations Manager must also be great at multitasking and organizing the various aspects of a retail outlet.

Generally, Retail Operations Managers have bachelor’s degrees. However, experience is the most important aspect in obtaining this position. They usually have worked several years in retail sales and have shown great skills in both sales and customer service. People with just a high school diploma can get lower-level positions in a retail store and work themselves up to higher managerial positions.

The rate of pay for a Retail Operations Manager varies depending on the size of the store being overseen. Salaries range from around $38k to $62k yearly with the median salary at $53k. Retail Operations Managers can usually expect bonuses or commissions as well.

The businesses hiring Retail Operations Managers tend to be larger companies with chains of stores throughout a region. There are also lower-paying positions in small, privately-owned operations as well as competitive positions at the top of retail chains. The size of the retail operation being managed depends considerably on the candidate’s experience level.

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MSG Management Study Guide

Retail Store Operations

Store Atmosphere

The store must offer a positive ambience to the customers for them to enjoy their shopping and leave with a smile.

  • The store should not give a cluttered look.
  • The products should be properly arranged on the shelves according to their sizes and patterns. Make sure products do not fall off the shelves.
  • There should be no foul smell in the store as it irritates the customers.
  • The floor, ceiling, carpet, walls and even the mannequins should not have unwanted spots.
  • Never dump unnecessary packing boxes, hangers or clothes in the dressing room. Keep it clean.
  • Make sure the customers are well attended.
  • Don t allow customers to carry eatables inside the store.

Cash Handling

  • One of the most important aspects of retailing is cash handling.
  • It is essential for the retailer to track the daily cash flow to calculate the profit and loss of the store.
  • Cash Registers, electronic cash management system or an elaborate computerized point of sale (POS) system help the retailer to manage the daily sales and the revenue generated.

Prevent Shoplifting/Safety and Security

  • The merchandise should not be displayed at the entry or exit of the store.
  • Do not allow customers to carry more than three dresses at one time to the trial room.
  • Install CCTVs and cameras to keep a close watch on the customers.
  • Each and every merchandise should have a security tag.
  • Ask the individuals to submit carry bags at the security.
  • Make sure the sales representative handle the products carefully.
  • Clothes should not have unwanted stains or dust marks as they lose appeal and fail to impress the customers.
  • Install a generator for power backup and to avoid unnecessary black outs.
  • Keep expensive products in closed cabinets.
  • Instruct the children not to touch fragile products.
  • The customers should feel safe inside the store.

Customer Service

  • Customers are assets of the retail business and the retailer can t afford to lose even a single customer.
  • Greet customers with a smile.
  • Assist them in their shopping.
  • The sales representatives should help the individuals buy merchandise as per their need and pocket.
  • The retailer must not oversell his products to the customers. Let them decide on their own.
  • Give the individual an honest and correct feedback. If any particular outfit is not looking good on anyone, tell him the truth and suggest him some better options.
  • Never compromise on quality of products. Remember one satisfied customer brings five more individuals to the store. Word of mouth plays an important role in Brand Promotion.

Refunds and Returns

  • Formulate a concrete refund policy for your store.
  • The store should have fixed timings for exchange of merchandise.
  • Never exchange products in lieu of cash.
  • Never be rude to the customer, instead help him to find something else.

Visual Merchandising

  • The position of dummies should be changed frequently.
  • There should be adequate light in the store. Change the burned out lights immediately.
  • Don t stock unnecessary furniture at the store.
  • Choose light and subtle colours for the walls to set the mood of the walk-ins.
  • Make sure the signage displays all the necessary information about the store and is installed at the right place visible to all.
  • The customers should be able to move and shop freely in the store.
  • The retail store should be well ventilated.

Training Program

  • The store manager must conduct frequent training programs for the sales representatives, cashier and other team members to motivate them from time to time.
  • It is the store manager s responsibility to update his subordinates with the latest softwares in retail or any other developments in the industry.
  • It is the store manager s responsibility to collate necessary reports (sales as well as inventory) and send to the head office on a daily basis.

Inventory and Stock Management

  • The retailer must ensure to manage inventory to avoid being out of stock .
  • Every retail chain should have its own warehouse to stock the merchandise.
  • Take adequate steps to prevent loss of inventory and stock.

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Retail Operations Management

Retail sales training is just part of the picture. RTS can help you combine in-the-trenches sales training with retail operations management tools that will make your entire business more efficient, effective and profitable at every level and in every store.

What s the best way to evaluate and coach your sales teams? How can you expand your B2B sales relationships? What operational strategies will have the biggest impact on your gross profits? We empower retailers and retail managers with skills and guidance you won t find in a retail operations manual.

A modular approach to better retail operations management

Our retail operations management programs bring you online courses for everyone in your organization. Using a combination of our eLearning solutions, classroom instruction and retail management consulting services, we can help you operate more efficiently from top to bottom. Improving management efficiency, preventing employee turnover, boosting gross profits, controlling inventory and expenses are the results that you will attain by taking advantage of our retail operations management programs.

Empower your leadership team

We offer eLearning and consulting services for your store and field managers, senior managers and business owners, including:

Our eLearning tools for field managers
can enhance management skills including recruiting and hiring, performance management, conducting effective store visits, and leadership and communications capabilities.

  • Go-to-market strategies for new business lines
  • B2B strategies for retailers
  • Supply chain management
  • Diversity training
  • Controlling gross profits
  • Merchandising basics
  • Low-cost / no-cost marketing
  • Delegation
  • Planning and priorities
  • Recruiting for success
  • Interviewing and selection
  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • Coaching and communicating
  • Motivating and goal setting
  • Counseling and terminations

For retailers…By retailers.

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve worked the sales floor, managed sales teams, trained new hires and built businesses from the ground up. Our decades of real-world sales, management and training experience will give you insights and benefits no retail operation manual can. Plus, by incorporating our extensive portfolio of online sales and management tools into your retail operations management plan, you ll get results quickly, efficiently and affordably. With decades of experience under our belts, the team at RTS knows retail. We can provide solutions in support of retailers and distributors across the retail sector including:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wireless
  • Clothing
  • Gifts and House Wares
  • Hardware
  • Automotive
  • Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Office Supplies
  • Hard Lines
  • Distributors
  • Franchisers

Quality training by and for retailers. Try a demonstration course now!

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