Mar 5 2019

Kate Middleton Feud

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Kate Middleton Upset Meghan Markle Stealing Spotlight?

Is Kate Middleton upset Meghan Markle is stealing her spotlight? That s what a certain webloid is claiming. Gossip Cop. however, can reveal what s really going on.

The inane allegation comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry. which announces in a headline, Kate Middleton Fears Prince Harry s Girlfriend Stealing Her Spotlight Meghan Markle Named Most Googled Actress of 2016.’ The article ridiculously asserts, Kate Middleton might not be looking forward to all of the changes that are ahead for the New Year. In fact, Kate knows her days as the most popular and photographed member of the royal family are numbered, especially since Prince Harry s girlfriend Meghan Markle has been named the Internet s most-Googled actress of 2016.

The Duchess is well aware of how socially ambitious Meghan is and how she can easily steal her spotlight, claims the site, which declares that Meghan is everything that Kate isn t. It s even absurdly said that Kate will soon become yesterday s forgotten news.

The weloid goes on to contend, Kate Middleton is already worried about Prince Harry possibly marrying Meghan Markle this year The last thing the Duchess wants is someone like Meghan Markle joining the British Royal family. With Meghan making headlines, she knows the media will stop talking about her and Kate doesn t want that. As much as she loathes making public appearances and her royal engagements, she loves all the attention she gets. But, that soon might all come to an end the moment Harry married Meghan.

And so, it s unequivocally stated, Considering how much attention Meghan has been getting these last few months, it s without a doubt the Kate is feeling intimidated. CDL is pretty confident. The outlet is also pretty wrong.

Middleton and Markle are not in competition with one another, and the Duchess of Cambridge has no reason to feel intimidated. The outlet is simply trying to stir up a feud, despite previously alleging Middleton wanted to use Markle for her Hollywood connections. Celeb Dirty Laundry throws out wild, contradictory claims in hopes of scoring traffic off its original content. But the manufactured information is typically wrong. This is just yet another example.

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