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The Art of ICD-9-CM Coding for Home Health

Two-Day Diagnostic Coding Workshop
Designed for all levels of Home Health Clinicians and Coders
*Available beginning January 2014 will be offered until the implementation of ICD-10

This 2-day workshop is structured to provide comprehensive ICD-9-CM training that is crucial to successful coding NOW. Many agencies have fallen behind in ICD-9 proficiency as it was expected to be replaced by ICD-10 in October 2014. Industry audits have identified a multitude of coding errors which are having a negative impact on reimbursement, quality initiatives and risk adjustment. The ICD-10 implementation delay has made it even more important that coders are educated on CURRENT guidelines to prevent assigning codes based on outdated rules. This workshop is designed to address the needs of both veteran home health coders as well as the influx of new coders who have only recently entered the coding arena. This critical knowledge, along with application through workshop exercises and coding scenarios, will lead to coding accuracy and regulatory compliance while ICD-9 continues to be the HIPAA standard for coding assignment.


  • Examination of How Clinical Descriptions and the Language of Coding Differ
  • Selection and Sequencing Criteria for Primary and Secondary Diagnoses
  • Overview and Instruction for Proper Use of the ICD-9-CM Coding Manual
  • Recognition of ICD-9 Coding Conventions and the Use of Both General Chapter Specific Guidelines for Accurate Code Selection
  • Emphasis on Similarities Between ICD-9CM and ICD-10-CM
  • Discussion and Impact of CMS’ PPS and OASIS on Home Health Coding
  • Exploration of the Relationship Between V Codes, Case Mix Diagnoses and M1024/5
  • Exercises and Scenarios to Reinforce Critical Knowledge for Successful Coding

MANDATORY. You MUST bring a current ICD-9-CM Coding Manua l to the workshop!

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