Mar 5 2019

How To Beat a DUI in NJ

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Mr. Bartholomew Baffuto, Best Trial Rate New Jersey DWI DUI Lawyer

Please note that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case. Each case is different. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

How To Beat A DUI In NJ. Fight!

We are proud of our record. Defending DWI charges requires great knowledge, strategy, experience, negotiation skills, and patience. WE DO NOT TELL OUR CLIENTS TO PLEAD GUILTY. WHEN YOU DECIDE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. Although there is no guarantee of a successful result, we care about clients and we will do our best. THE EXPERIENCE TELLS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING.

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Great Contribution to a Supreme Court DWI case (State v. Chun et al.)

One of Mr. Baffuto s significant contributions as a DWI attorney is his active involvement in this landmark New Jersey Supreme Court case, where attorneys are challenging the State to prove the scientific reliability of a new breath alcohol machine (State v. Chun et al). Click here to see the news article by New Jersey Law Journal dated September 25, 2006. Before Mr. Baffuto s involvement in this litigation, the amount and technical complexity of the State s case were just overwhelming. Soon after Mr. Baffuto created the defense case strategy, the defense team started feeling they can win . Mr. Baffuto was most active in management conferences by filing a number of effective motions and by asking technical and scientific questions to the State. Mr. Baffuto successfully incorporated scientific and technical aspects into legal strategy, which may be difficult, but is an essential and increasingly necessary element of DWI defense. During cross-examination, Mr. Baffuto challenged the State s expert, a bio-statistician from the State of Washington by attacking his statistical methodologies. Despite the highly technical background of the State s expert, Mr. Baffuto succeeded in getting what he wanted on the record. Mr. Baffuto challenged the statistician on his own statistics.
Although participation in this case requires a significant amount of time, Mr. Baffuto did not receive any money for this engagement. He cares about his clients and is devoted to fighting for Constitutional rights and due process, regardless of political and social pressures.

We care about clients. Let the numbers prove it.

Getting any motor vehicle ticket, getting arrested on DWI or criminal charges can be very stressful and frightening. Having a conviction for serious charges can significantly affect your life. It can sometimes ruin your life. But you should be aware that being arrested is different than being convicted. You need an experienced, talented, patient lawyer that cares about clients. Mr. Baffuto brings these qualities to all his cases. Mr. Baffuto represents his clients thoroughly and zealously.

Mr. Baffuto successfully argued the seminal modern New Jersey municipal court case on speedy trial, State v. Farrell, wherein the Appellate Division reversed the DWI conviction and the client was adjudged not guilty.

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