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THANK YOU SO MUCH for making our deployment of this product easy, quick and as close to fun as possible. Given my complete lack of tech savvy, (no, you cannot borrow my flip phone) your kindness and patience were imperative to the success of this project. I would have had 0% chance of doing it solo.

Debora Kravitz
Operations Manager – Capital Familia

“FocusIT, which developed Pulse™. really ‘gets it.’ Now that we are fully hosted with Pulse™. those problems are going away. All our data and all our tools run on the same server, and everything is so much smoother.”

Virgil Kyle
Partner – JMJ Financial Group

“I contacted Focus IT when I had a hardware failure which caused a series of problems with my Data Server. Within minutes the paperwork was complete and I was contact with a tech to start the setup and transfer process. The tech who contacted me was a genius and the work was started almost immediately.”

Jason West
Owner – First Integrity Inc.

“I wanted to take a moment to write a review of the Pulse system we have recently begun employing with FocusIT. Breaking this down into two key items of product and service, I must say we are very pleased, thus far, with both. The communication of our support team at FocusIT has been exceptional and put me at ease with implementing and launching a significant upgrade to our systems.”

Greg Spencer
Southern Capital Mortgage Group

“I cannot sing enough praise regarding FocusIT. Your efficiency model on new customer enrollment from discovery, due-diligence, contractual signage, payment, scheduling, deployment, and access to our Point Central instance has been some of the best work I have ever seen in 17 years of IT deal with hundreds of vendors. Keep up the great work!

Brandon Hanes
Vice President Network Security
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co of Delhi

Happier Borrowers. Happier Realtors.
More Referrals. No Extra Work.

With over 13 years of experience, and 16,000 active mortgage subscribers, we ve established ourselves as a leader in the mortgage technology space. We are the single largest Calyx PointCentral hosting partner in the country, and developed our innovative CRM Pulse from the ground up. We round out our mortgage technology offerings with compliant, easy-to-use file sharing and email solutions that ensure secure borrower and lender communications which are second to none.

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