Mar 5 2019

GSM Panic Alarm

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Protect yourself, your employees and your family with our GSM Silent Panic Wireless Button system.

By hiding wireless panic buttons around your home or business premises, there is no need for wires and they can be located in easy to find places. This system is completely independent of any existing alarm system and can not generate a false alarm as it can only be activated by physically pushing a button.

Places panic buttons can be hidden include:

Are just some of the places they can be put. Don’t forget, the more you have, the easier it is to get to push one.

When a button is pushed, text messages and silent calls are made to a monitoring station, neighbour, colleague or family member.

By discreetly hiding buttons around the house or business premises and letting only the people that need to know where they are, the system will monitor all the wireless panic buttons for activation.

Once activated, the system will then text and call up to 5 or 6 phone numbers to alert them of a problem.

The BT version cuts off the internal phones while it is communicating to prevent anyone picking up the phone and over hearing the outgoing message.

It is a known fact fact that people get hurt once an intruder or gang realise someone has initiated a panic system. This system has no sirens or alarms and makes silent phone calls alerting others off the premises that a panic situation has arisen.

This means that the monitoring centre or someone outside the situation can raise the alarm with the Police and authorities who can then respond accordingly.

GT300 Personal Safety Tracking Mobile Phone

GT300 is a powerful GPS phone for personal tracking. With superior receiving sensitivity, fast TTFF and GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. Its location can be real time or schedule tracked by backend server or specified terminals.

GT200 GPS GSM Personal Tracker Mobile Phone (Child Locator)

GT200 is a powerful GPS Locator which is designed for kids care.With superior receiving sensitivity, fast TTFF and GSM frequencies 850/1800/1900 or 900/1800/1900. Its location can be real time or schedule tracked by backend server or specified terminals.

Watch style GPS GSM Tracking Device

Bracelet/wrist tracker is the smallest GPS/GSM watch style tracker that is designed for personal / Pet positioning and emergency reporting. Suitable for many applications such as child location, employee protection and pet security etc. Instantly locate and report its position by using GPS, SMS/ GPRS solution,The pocket size is the best choice for remote positioning and security companion and it is water proof.

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