Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a mobile home safe to live in?

All mobile/manufactured homes must be constructed in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which are entitled the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards. These regulations were amended in 1994 to better ensure that mobile/manufactured homes can withstand strong winds. In addition, all mobile/manufactured homes must be installed in accordance with Rule Chapter 15C-1. Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), which are among the most stringent mobile/manufactured home installation standards in the United States. All mobile/manufactured homes that are installed in Florida must be installed by a licensed mobile/manufactured home installer. Investigations of damage to mobile homes from the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes found that no homes built subsequent to the new HUD construction regulations sustained any significant damage and all homes installed in accordance with Rule 15C-1, F.A.C. tended to also fair well. To ensure the safety of mobile/manufactured homes there are also restrictions on where such homes may be set-up. No mobile/manufactured home can be set-up in Florida unless it was built in accordance with the standards that apply to the Wind Zone applicable to the county where it is to be set-up.

What mobile/manufactured home manufacturers are licensed to sell their homes in Florida?

Florida licenses 23 mobile/manufactured home manufacturers to do business in Florida, 7 of which are located in Florida. A list of Florida licensed mobile/manufactured home manufacturers is available.

Does my new mobile home/manufactured home have a one-year warranty?

Yes, Florida law requires new mobile/manufactured homes to have a one-year warranty. However, some manufacturers offer warranties that are longer than one year.

Does the installation of my mobile/manufactured home have a warranty?

Yes, all new and used homes are required to have an installation warranty that extends one year from the date the certificate of occupancy was issued.

Do Florida dealer warranties apply to homes purchased from an out-of-state dealer?

No, the state required dealer warranty applies only to homes purchased from licensed Florida dealers.

If I purchase a used mobile/manufactured home from a dealer, do I have any recourse if I have problems with it? Who do I contact?

The Division of Motorist Services (DMS) jurisdiction on used homes is limited to the contractual obligations of the dealer’s sales contract. Only the warranty or implied warranty on the contract is enforceable. You may contact your local DMS office for assistance.

If I own my land, do I have to purchase a registration for my mobile/manufactured home each year?

Mobile/manufactured homes located on your property may qualify to be taxed as real property. If so, your local tax collector will sell you a permanent, one-time registration sticker for your home. If your home is located on leased property, however, it must be registered every year.

Are set-up instructions and a homeowner’s manual included when you buy a home?

Yes, state and federal laws and codes require the manufacturer to furnish complete printed instructions for the set-up and maintenance of each home they manufacture. Instructions for the set-up of the home are very specific and must be closely followed for proper installation. Following instructions for the maintenance of the home will extend the life of the home.

What should be considered when choosing a site for my mobile/manufactured home?

The site must be prepared properly in accordance with Florida Rule 15C-1, F.A.C.. The site must be clear of debris and water should be directed away from the home’s foundation.

Are local permits required for the set-up of mobile/manufactured homes and park trailers?

Yes, set-up permits are required and can be applied for at the local government building departments.

Does the State of Florida approve mobile/manufactured home anchors and set-up products?

Yes, all mobile/manufactured home installation components and products must be certified by the Division of Motorist Services. They must undergo technically sound engineering testing that proves they are compliant with the provisions of Rule 15C-1, F.A.C.. The Bureau of Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Construction maintains a list of approved installation products.

Are all mobile/manufactured home dealers required to have a mobile/manufactured home installer license?

No, only mobile/manufactured home dealers that pull permits and/or set up homes they sell are required to have an installer license.

Are individuals and dealers that set-up mobile/manufactured homes required to be licensed?

Yes, individuals and dealers who install mobile/manufactured homes must be licensed as installers by the Manufactured Housing Section of the Division of Motorist Services. Installers are required to take a pre-license course and pass a license examination. They also must have a $5,000 surety bond and $100,000 of liability insurance before they can be licensed. Installer licenses must be renewed annually.

Can licensed mobile/manufactured home installers do plumbing hook-ups?

Yes, connecting plumbing to the newly installed home is part of the installation process.

Can licensed mobile/manufactured home installers do electrical hook-ups?

No, installers can only install electrical crossovers on multi-section homes. Any other electrical work on a home must be done by a licensed electrician.

If a mobile/manufactured home is displayed on a temporary basis such as for marketing promotion, do they require a mobile/manufactured home installation decal?

No, installation decals are not required on homes temporarily displayed.

Can a consumer set up their own mobile/manufactured home or park trailer?

No, section 320.8249, Florida Statutes and Rule Chapter Rule 15C-2, F.A.C.. require that only licensed mobile/manufactured home installers may set-up a mobile/manufactured home in Florida.

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