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ROI of Online MBA Programs

ROI of Online MBA Programs

Is the investment in my MBA degree worth making? What will be the return on this investment? These questions linger in the mind of almost every student. The cost of higher education, especially of management courses, is rising day by day. Higher education degrees require a huge investment on the part of the student. The question which arises in this case is that is such a high investment worth making?

The answer to this question can be given by the student only. Every student has a different set of expectations from the course he takes up which define the return. It may be quantitative or qualitative. While quantitative return can be measured in the form of pay packages qualitative returns are generally in the form of all-round personality development, knowledge acquired and the quality of placement after the course. The question which arises in this case is that is such a high investment worth making?

In the present recessionary trends, students are again moving towards schools to enhance their educational qualification. It is obvious that they are seeking a rise in the pay packages. But is the resulting increment in sync with the investment made. Today, most of the reputed management programs cost you an arm and a leg. Hence, there is a need for devising a method which is affordable and has a greater return. In such a scenario, online education becomes the obvious choice.

Most of the time, online MBA degree holders are seen in the same light as the regular degree holders if the degree comes from a credible institute. They are generally gauged on the same salary scale as their on campus MBA counterparts. This is because in addition to the knowledge an online MBA graduate also has valuable industry experience. This makes him more suitable and preferable in the industry.

Online MBA has a greater “Return on Investment” as it is undoubtedly more affordable as compared to the on campus programs. It not only costs less, but also makes your certification more credible if it is accredited to a recognized and reputed university where you could not have afforded to study otherwise due to restrictions of time and money. Online MBA allows you to earn while you learn. Hence, you not only get financial benefit by paying less fees but also by maintaining your salary.

Generally, full time management students take educational loans to pay the fees. It has been observed that it, usually, takes the student a decade to pay off the loan debt but this is not the case when it comes to online MBA.

Therefore, it can be broadly concluded that an accredited online MBA program has an attractive return on investment required you judge the program effectively and take up a credible MBA program. It is evident that from the very first day of your class not only you will benefit but also your employer. In simple terms the savings of an online MBA is high in terms of the opportunity cost of two years of salary during the program and also in terms of the salary hike that is expected after the completion of the program.

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