Mar 5 2019

Download Free Network Backup Software to Backup Network Drive – EaseUS Todo Backup

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How to backup network shared files using network backup software?

Summary: Free download network backup software to backup network drive. It can help your backup all the network drive shared files in Windows 10, 8, XP, Vista and Windows 7 with simple clicks.

Is there any reliable Network hard drive backup solution?

“At work, we have a small workgroup – 8 PCs all running Windows 10. We also have a WD My Book network drive, one folder of which is accessible to all PCs, configured as Drive Z. Now I want to find a Network hard drive backup solution that allows me to automatically backup that Z drive to another drive daily. I there any free Network backup software recommended?”

Not only data on your local hard disk but also data on network all needs to be protected. To do this job, you need a reliable network backup software which can support network shared files backup. To backup local computer to network also has great significance that you don’t need to bring any removable storage device anytime if only you have access to internet. And backup data to a separate location can avoid data loss caused by hardware failure. But what is the best Network backup software?

What is the best Network backup software?

For a reliable free Network backup software, we recoomend you EaseUS Todo Backup Free. It provides you safe and easy network backup solution for Windows 8, XP, Vista and Windows 7. The software provides many flexible and advanced features such as full backup, differential backup and incremental backup to backup network shared files. And it allows you to backup network shared files to local hard disk, removable storage device and network. Also you can backup local hard disk to network. You can manage the image file to compress the image file, encrypt, split, update and delete it. You can also recover the image file when you need the data.

How to backup data with EaseUS Network backup software?

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, clickFile backup .

2. Select the default User defined to choose files or folders you want to backup on Network.

3. Please type Plan name and Description for your file backup.

4. Click folder icon behind Destination to select backup storage location.

Select the target partition to store your backup image (You can select local storage device or network as destination), and click Backup options to set Compression, Priority, Splitting and so on.

5. Set schedule to backup files later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon event.
Note. enter account and password with Administrator privilege to make the schedule take effect.

6. Click Image-reserve strategy. tick I will preserve image files ,and set day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s) to preserve images or the number of last backup files you want to preserve. What’s more, you can choose to preserve the first image.

7. Click Proceed to finish the network drive backup.

If you want to backup network shared files using incremental backup, refer to the document below. (You should choose File backup when you want to backup network shared files.)

Note. There is only a slight difference when you follow the above document to backup network shared files. When you are on the page to choose files to backup, choose the drive letter you have mapped.

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Todo Backup Key Features

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