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Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses

Get a Credit Card Machine for Your Small Business

BluePay offers its customers credit card machines for small business to help you grow and thrive.

  • Attract new customers and increase sales by accepting credit, debit cards and ACH/eCheck payments
  • Improve customer service, reduce checkout wait times and process transactions remotely using a wireless credit card machine for small business
  • Protect your credit card transactions with the latest PCI-compliant solutions, including point-to-point encryption, (P2PE), address verification system (AVS) and an innovative suite of fraud management tools

Integrate Payments Into Your Small Business Software

The BluePay Gateway can easily integrate into your small business software. In fact, our technology integrates seamlessly with dozens of software programs — from accounting to payroll to CRM systems — to keep your small business running at peak performance levels.

Enjoy Quick Processing with BluePay’s Credit Card Machines for Small Business

Our machines offer the latest technology features like EMV, NFC and Apple Pay, so your small business can operate more efficiently. Customers will experience quick and easy checkouts at the cash register, and you’ll impress them with your “anytime, anywhere” payments via wireless credit card machines for small business. Take advantage of using equipment designed with small businesses in mind.

Small Business Credit Card Machine Options

BluePay offers a variety of terminals so you can find just what you need.

  • Stand-AloneCredit Card Terminals
    These are the traditional machines you see everywhere. They’re perfect for in-person, card-present transactions. These machines function in many ways: mag stripe, EMV, NFC and more. For a complete list of BluePay standalone terminals, click here .
  • Wireless and Mobile Credit Card Processing Machines
    Wireless card machines work in a way that’s similar to stand-alone terminals, but they offer the ability to process payments when you don’t have access to a phone line. In addition to wireless equipment, BluePay also offers the mobile Payfirma HQ app for your tablet or smartphone. Using this app with an encrypted mobile card reader, merchants can accept credit and debit cards on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Process payments from anywhere in your store or even on the road with either of these wireless options — perfect for drivers, delivery workers, service industries or anyone who spends time away from the workplace.
  • Virtual Credit Card Terminals
    A virtual terminal lets you accept card and ACH/eCheck payments from any computer with an Internet connection. Simply enter the payment data manually or upload multiple transactions in a single batch for efficient, accurate processing. This is the ideal solution for the small business merchant who works from home or processes mail order and telephone order transactions.

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