Apr 14 2019

Cool Air Miami Air Conditioning Repair

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Cool Air Miami Air Conditioning Repair, NEF6.COM

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Cool Air Miami Air Conditioning Repair

Miami is one of the areas that if you live here, you need a reliable air conditioner repair company that you can rely on should you require service.

We are a renowned AC repair company operating in Miami. Our operations are in the Dade County and part of Broward County. We understand that you need to have your AC up and running at all times to beat the Miami heat, for this reason, our services are 24/7 thus making us easily reachable at any time. We work with major brands in this area and our prices are very affordable.

Air conditioner repair Miami has been in operation for quite some time offering the best quality services to residents of Dade and part of Broward County. We have a team of highly qualified technicians that can work on any type of AC thereby making us the “go to” company for any kind of HVAC service that one may require. We also do not want you trying to repair your AC on your own, thus we ensure we get to you within the shortest time possible.

We understand that getting the right company can be a daunting task and AC being such necessity in this area, we wouldn t want you to suffer through summer. Check out what other clients are saying about us and we will be glad to work together with you.

Why choose us

Our office is easily reachable on phone (305) 400-4227 at any time of day or night to request for service. Should you wish to visit our office, our physical address is also provided.

We have experience with different types of AC systems from the wall mounted AC, ceiling mounted AC, ductless AC, among others for both commercial and residential AC. This gives us an edge over other AC companies operating in this area. This not only shows our expertise, but our customers can rest assured that they are working with the best Miami AC repair company.

Our team

Our team comprises of a highly qualified technical team and a customer service team to back them up. We endeavor to train our staff on the latest technology to ensure that they can handle any customer issue with ease. We also go the extra mile to advice new customers on the best AC system that suits their needs. In addition, we offer a free estimate for new units without having to tie them down in buying the units for us. Over the years, we have built a good relationship with carious manufacturers and thus we re able to offer our customers the best prices.

Our services

Our services range from AC duct cleaning that ensure whatever air that gets into your house is pure. Ducts are mostly hidden away and many times, we assume that the air we get is pure. Ducts are a good hiding place for dust and allergens which, if inhaled may cause harm to us. Our duct cleaning service ensures that these pollutants are cleaned out and the ducts sealed properly to ensure they do not recur.

We also offer heat pump repair service. The heat pump is located outside and needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it does not breakdown in the middle of summer. With a broken heat pump, one cannot be able to have a cool house, thus making the house impossible to stay.

We offer annual maintenance contracts to our customers to ensure that their AC repair service is done at the scheduled time, mostly before the onset of summer. With a scheduled maintenance contract, we guarantee that your AC will not break down in the middle of Miami summer. This annual contract checks all aspects of the AC system, but should you want to sign up for duct cleaning or heat pump check only, we can make the contract flexible.

Our emergency response service ensures that we respond to customer issues within the shortest time possible. We have a team on standby 24/7 to ensure that your call is answered and responded to immediately.

We are here to serve our customers and thus any issue or concern raised will be addressed in the best possible manner.
Talk to us today to learn more about what we can do for you and also how you can benefit from our services.

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