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Auto Accident Attorney Greenville SC

Most minor accidents do not require a car accident lawyer. However a major automobile accident can have many ramifications. A victim of a car accident can suffer beyond the time it takes to heal. The injuries may result in long term consequences like the loss of job, home foreclosure, car repossession, mental anguish, chronic pain, bad credit, emotional strain, divorce, family break ups and depression Just to name a few! A car accident lawyer can prove invaluable.

Every 10.7 minutes, someone on a South Carolina highway or road is injured in a car accident. Even the safest and most defensive drivers can become victims of another driver’s negligence. With the large volume of traffic on our South Carolina highways and interstates, car accidents are all too common and often result in serious injuries or death to those involved. If someone else causes a car accident and you are injured, you may have a claim against the other driver for negligence. Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer, that truly understands that this could one of the most stressful periods in your life, is beneficial.

Car Accident Lawyer Greenville SC

To reiterate, a car accident injury can immediately affect your finances and family life and cause you to miss work. To make the situation all the more stressful, insurance adjusters and claims representatives may contact you. These people work for the insurance company who insures the at-fault driver and are working to defend their insured customer at your expense. The insurance adjuster will have a great deal more experience than an injured person not yet represented by an experienced car accident attorney.The insurance companies are interested in settling your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. They want you to accept the lowest settlement possible, with no regard for your health or medical condition.

Dan Pruitt Law Office

During this vulnerable time, you should not let an insurance company take advantage of you. We suggest that you not give any statements to the at-fault driver’s insurer and that you not sign any paperwork sent to you by the insurance company unless you have consulted a lawyer to learn about your rights and insurance company tactics.Car accidents are serious matters and can involve serious injuries including broken bones, head injuries and spinal injuries. If you are injured, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. You are also entitled to recover for your wage losses, future medical expenses, if any, and other damages such as physical pain and mental suffering. you may have other permanent injuries as well.

An experienced South Carolina auto accident lawyer can help you get the compensation that you deserve. As soon as you retain our services, we will represent you in dealings with the insurance company. The adjustors and claims representatives will stop contacting you. Instead of arguing with claims representatives, you can concentrate on your medical treatment and putting your life back together. The insurance company will also know that you have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side who will not hesitate to file a lawsuit if the insurance company is unreasonable.

It is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. If we need to investigate your accident, time may be of the essence. It is also easier to locate and interview witnesses if you contact a lawyer sooner rather than later. People’s memories tend to fade and we do not want to lose valuable evidence because you delayed in consulting a lawyer. Dan Pruitt Law Firm has an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney that can help you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Make sure that you maintain copies of all police reports, medical bills, photographs or other documentation of your car accident or car accident injuries which you receive.

Click here for answers to your frequently asked questions regarding South Carolina car accidents.

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Air Ambulance Worldwide Provides Medical Flights to and from Anywhere on the Globe

If you are in need of a company that provides medical flights to or from anywhere in the world, whether for yourself or a patient in your care, look no further than Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. We are a leading, full-service mobile intensive care provider that offers world-class transportation services to those in need of medical attention while traveling. As a pioneer in the air ambulance industry, we have made it our mission to set the standard for quality care, as well as safe and comfortable medical flights. In fact, thanks to our impeccable safety record and adherence to the strictest medical protocol, we have earned a EURAMI accreditation as well as a Gold rating from ARGUS.

When you rely on Air Ambulance Worldwide for medical transport services or other intensive care transportation, we can accommodate nearly any medical need you or your loved one might have, and strive to make your journey as easy as possible. We do this by:

  • Offering multiple aircraft for maximum cost efficiency and to meet the specific requirements of our patients. Our options include both pressurized and non-pressurized medical flights.
  • Managing all logistics of the trip, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.
  • Working relentlessly to achieve any insurance coverage reimbursement possible.
  • Employing extensively trained medical staff with a minimum of five years of ICU/CCU experience, as well as seasoned pilots with at least 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • Staffing neonatal and pediatric specialists.
  • Providing one point-of-contract for our customers throughout their entire travel process.
  • And more

If you are looking for safe and reliable medical flights to or from anywhere in the world for yourself or for a patient in your care, call Air Ambulance Worldwide today.

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Welcome to Peter Warren Automotive

The Peter Warren Automotive Group is a family owned group of automotive dealerships in South West Sydney, Sydney North Shore, Bathurst and South East Queensland. Founded in 1958 we have deep roots in our communities and a strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Our multi-franchise dealership across 9 retail locations represent 23 of the finest car brands in the world. We are here to get you the new, used or demo car you want at the price you need and help maintain your car for life. Because of our outstanding service and competitive prices, customers travel from all over Australia to visit Peter Warren Automotive Group. Our state of the art sales and service departments will keep your car in excellent condition and our friendly staff will make your every visit to Peter Warren Automotive a pleasant one. Our factory trained service technicians will keep your car running like it did on the day you bought it. We hope that you find our website helpful for your automotive needs.

You can research the latest cars, SUV and vans on our website. Search our inventory of new and used vehicles that we offer at the lowest prices. All with vehicle protection plans that offer you peace of mind.

Peter Warren Automotive also stocks a large range of commercial utes and vans to accommodate our growing base of business customers.

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San Mateo Car locksmith

San Mateo the high-tech enclave of the Silicone Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is home to over 100,000 residents and it is home to Cars Locksmith, San Mateo. We have been serving the San Mateo community for many years and we know how to get the job done when it comes to auto locksmith services.

We can handle any car lockout situation, including cutting new car keys, fixing broken locks, and even picking locks. Cars Locksmith, San Mateo is always at the ready and waiting for your call when you are in need of auto locksmith services. Call us when you are faced with such a situation and experience the difference.

Cars Locksmith, San Mateo Offers Dedicated, Superior Service

At Cars Locksmith, San Mateo we go all out for our customers. We provide many amenities that surpass many other auto locksmith companies because we care about our customers and we want you to come back to us with confidence. We guarantee that you will be delighted with our services. We are dedicated to serve you with a smile.

  • You ll be amazed at our fast response time. We can actually reach you within 30 minutes of your call and service your every auto locksmith need.
  • We are ready, willing, and able to service any car lockout situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need us, we are there and all you have to do is call us at (650) 204-4479.
  • You ll enjoy paying our low prices. We are unsurpassed in providing you with excellent, quality service for inexpensive pricing. Our prices are competitive in the industry.
  • We provide acclaimed service to our new and repeat customers. In fact, all of our customers appreciate the fine, quality customer service our skilled technicians provide. We strive to provide you with a most memorable customer service experience.
  • We are trusted within the San Mateo community. We have been serving the San Mateo community for a number of years with great success.

The Outstanding Service We Provide with Provide

  • We replace ignition keys
  • We cut car keys
  • We pick locks
  • We make keys
  • We unlock doors
  • We re-key
  • We fix all lock and key related problems
  • We replace and repair broken ignition keys
  • We solve problems with transponder chip key reprogramming

Call Cars Locksmith, San Mateo at (650) 204-4479. We re there to help you when you need us.

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Car insurance comparison: How it works

You may be leaving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the table if you don t regularly compare car insurance rates. Many factors affect your car insurance rates, and if any of them changed, it s possible that the cheapest policy will come from a different insurer.

You should compare car insurance rates at these times, when your rates are likely to change significantly:

  • You bought a car
  • You added a teen driver to your policy
  • You got married or divorced
  • Your credit score changed
  • You bought a house or moved
  • You got cited for a DUI or major violation or caused an accident

Even if your status remains the same, you should do some car insurance shopping every six or 12 months. Insurance companies use different formulas to set your rates, so the price for the same policy can vary significantly even if you don t have a life-changing event. That means you can wind up overpaying if you don t compare insurance rates from several companies at least once a year.

Start now by finding car insurance companies in your area

Save by comparing car insurance rates

The chart below shows the highest and lowest rates from six insurers for each location. You ll see that savings of over 50 percent can be had from doing an auto insurance quotes comparison:

* Averages are based on insurance for a single 40-year-old male who commutes 12 miles to work each day, with policy limits of 100/300/50 ($100,000 for injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) and a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage. Data for provided by Quadrant Information Services.

Now that you re ready to save, we ll walk you through the process of reviewing your coverage, gathering the personal information you ll need, comparing rates and vetting potential insurers.

Five steps to take when car insurance shopping:

1. Get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

If you ve moved or if you just want to get a feel for what car insurance costs in your neighborhood or are a new driver, you can get an idea of what people in your area are paying by using our car insurance comparison tool, showing the average car insurance rate in each ZIP code.

See rates by ZIP code

2. Review your existing policy and assess coverage.

While you shop around for the price and insurance company that is right for you, you should know what coverages are right for you too. If this is a new policy you need to meet at least your state’s minimum liability car insurance requirements. If you simply want to find the cheapest car insurance possible when comparison shopping, you would look for liability coverage only, and in the smallest amount your state will accept. (Legally required minimum liability coverage amounts vary by state.) Bear in mind that some states require so little coverage that an accident might leave any other assets you have, such as a home or savings, vulnerable to lawsuits.

If you re replacing a policy, review the information on your policy to see if your existing coverage is still the best for you.

The four main types of car insurance you should understand are:

  • Liability car insurance Covers others property damage and medical expenses. If you have few assets, you don t need high limits. If you own a home or have savings, you do — 100/300/30 is recommended. That means $100,000 per person, up to $300,000 an accident and $30,000 for property damage costs.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage Comes in two forms: uninsured motorist bodily injury pays for medical bills if you re injured in an accident that an uninsured driver causes. Uninsured property damage pays to fix your car. Some states require these coverages, but if yours doesn t, ask yourself if you would have the money to pay for damages yourself should you be hit or injured by a driver without car insurance.
  • Collision coverage Covers damage to your car. This pays out only up to the actual cash value of your car. If your vehicle is old, you may not need this optional protection.
  • Comprehensive insurance Covers theft and damage to your car from hail, floods, fire, vandalism and animal strikes. Like collision coverage, this will pay you up to the amount your car is valued by the insurance company. If you drive a beater, you may not need the extra coverage.

Comprehensive and collision coverage are typically not budget-busters. A comprehensive car insurance comparison analysis by the Insurance Information Institute shows the national average cost per year is $139. For collision, it s $297.

Also, decide now what deductible makes sense for your situation. One of the best ways to save on car insurance is to raise your deductible for collision and comprehensive insurance, but remember that if you have a claim, that deductible will be your out-of-pocket expense to repair or replace your car. If you have more than one claim, you’ll have to pay the deductible each time. We recommend you choose an amount that you can pay from savings. Your car won t be repaired until you pay your share.

3. Gather your personal information.

If you compare car insurance rates online, it s easier to compare quotes side-by-side, which saves you from having to repeatedly give out the same information and write down quotes on your own. Once you know what coverage you need, gather the following information to request a car insurance quote.

  • Name, birth date and driver’s license number of all drivers to be covered.
  • Make and model of each car to be covered.
  • Driving history, including accidents and driving violations, of all drivers to be covered by the policy.

4. Start comparing multiple auto insurance quotes.

Now you can begin collecting online car insurance quotes. Request rates from at least three different insurers. Be careful to compare the same coverage by using the same liability limits, identical deductibles and optional coverages.

Also be sure to follow up with potential insurers about any car insurance discounts you may qualify for. There may be additional discounts offered that are not part of the online quote process. For instance, you may be asked how many miles you drive a year to see if you re eligible for a low-mileage discount, but you may not be asked what your teen driver s grades are, which could snag you a good-student discount.

Now that you know what coverages and limits you need,start now by finding car insurance companies in your area.

5. Research potential car insurance companies before you buy.

When you re ready to buy, research the insurers that offered you the lowest rate. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends that when you compare insurance companies you take the following steps:

  • Check with an insurance rating service, such as A.M. Best or Standard Poor’s, to find a grade or rating for the company and an analysis of its finances so you can feel confident that a potential insurance claim will be paid.
  • Check for complaints against the company with NAIC’s Consumer Information Source.
  • You can also research complaint rates online at the Better Business Bureau and your state insurance department’s websites.
  • Read the customer comments at the insurer s Facebook and Twitter accounts to see if people are generally happy with the service.

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Since 1982, Diamond Comic Distributors has helped comic book specialty retailers grow their businesses, their customer bases, and their sales. By offering a comprehensive slate of products and services – and by improving them in response to retailer feedback – we enable retailers to operate their businesses efficiently and profitably. Diamond works with more than 1,000 vendors to offer in excess of 2,500 new products each month, at competitive prices, and packed and delivered with an attention to detail that has resulted in an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

Our success depends upon the success of our customers, and we’d like to share that success with you.

How may we help you? Here are just a few of the many ways.


PREVIEWS Our full-color catalog/magazine for you and your customers packs a wealth of product information and entertaining features into 400+ pages every month! A great way to generate in-store orders for comics and other high-priced products, PREVIEWS reduces the uncertainty you face when committing your purchasing dollars.

PREVIEWS Order Forms We publish both Retailer and Customer versions to make ordering from PREVIEWS a quick and easy process for you and your customers. The Retailer version contains special items and promotional incentives available only to retailers, as well as pricing for items listed with Suggested Retail Prices in PREVIEWS. This special retailer-only information does not appear on the Customer Order Form.

Electronic Ordering You can complete and tabulate your order in a snap with Diamond’s Retailer Services website, whether it’s an initial order or a reorder. You can also use our PREVIEWS on Windows program to place and track your Initial Orders every month! Retailers also have the option to download each month’s Order Form from the Retailer Services website.

Important Information We keep you updated on products, suppliers, industry news, and retailing tips every day in Diamond Daily. our e-newsletter that is free to all Diamond customers with an email address. This information is also provided on a weekly basis in Diamond Dateline. and at Diamond’s online Retailer Services Area, helping you keep up-to-date on all the news that can affect your business.

Diamond Websites Our websites contains numerous features for both retailers and consumers. At your customers can receive the latest information on comics-related happenings, PREVIEWS editorial features, and more – all of which are designed to drive them into your store. Our Retailer Services Area. has many services – including electronic ordering, online order entry and editing, account history review, and more. You can use the site to download advance lists of titles scheduled to ship; your weekly Invoice; and text and art files from each month’s PREVIEWS catalog – approximately one week before the issue ships – to create in-house newsletters, subscription catalogs, and other informational materials for yourself and your customers. Plus, you can download weekly in-stock lists of product currently available from our Star System backlist service and more!

Retailing Aids For a nominal fee, Diamond can email you an advance PDF of PREVIEWS and its companion Order Forms. You can also become part of Diamond’s monthly PREVIEWS artwork FTP service, where you’ll receive the art and copy descriptions for every product listed in PREVIEWS that month. We also offer you a free printout of your monthly order to ensure data entry accuracy.

Inventory Liquidation Lists Every week – via Diamond Daily email – we give you a chance to take advantage of great savings on excess inventory.

Shipping This Week/Next Week Lists These valuable lists tell you and your customers what’s coming to your store. They can be placed in your weekly shipment, or downloaded from our web site.

Overship Program If you choose, you can receive extra quantities of selected products on a risk-free basis. Keep them on sale for a specified period of time, and then pay only for what you sell and return the rest!

Credit Diamond assigns each customer to a personal Credit Analyst, a qualified advisor standing by to help you meet your obligations.

“One-Call” Customer Service Whether you need to ask a question about your shipment, report a shortage or damage, place a Reorder, or suggest something to help us improve our service, your personal Customer Service Representative is just one convenient toll-free phone/fax/email away!

Field Sales Managers (Reps) One of our Reps can periodically visit your store to offer retailing advice and merchandising suggestions, and to transmit your feedback to Diamond’s Home Office.

Inside Sales Reps Home Office Reps routinely call you to bring your attention to special offers, or to a product you might have missed or under-ordered.


Comic Shop Locator Service Created and promoted in cooperation with numerous suppliers, our store locator website and number (443) 318-8001) has sent millions of referrals into comics shops across North America. Available online at . the service allows you to customize your own web page to provide additional information and attract new customers.

Co-op Advertising By utilizing materials provided by suppliers to promote their products in your store, or by designing your own ad (with supplier approval), you can be reimbursed for your advertising expenses by Diamond, in as little as two weeks!

Industry-wide Advertising Our ads for PREVIEWS. PREVIEWS Exclusive items, and our line of collecting supplies run in various industry publications – and direct consumers to your store to find them! We help you spread the word about comics to consumers with our free monthly PREVIEWS bag slicks, PREVIEWS Top 100 Comics ToyChest Must Haves Poster, and our annual PREVIEWS Gift Certificates.

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Visual Merchandiser resume samples

Visual Merchandisers play a crucial role in retail stores as they promote brands using visual strategies. Basic work activities listed on most Visual Merchandiser resumes are creating display designs, developing pricing and tag concepts, researching consumer behavior, liaising with suppliers, using a store’s available space wisely, and taking part in business meetings. Those seeking to secure a position in this field should demonstrate design skills, creativity, commercial awareness, computer proficiency, and teamwork. Marketing or design training is commonly seen on Visual Merchandiser sample resumes.

Looking for cover letter ideas? See our sample Visual Merchandiser Cover Letter .

Visual Merchandiser

Managed interior and exterior displays of 15,000-square-foot design center, maximizing exposure of key pieces and aligning with corporate visual merchandising guidelines.

  • Revamped 60% of floor plan and merchandising, selecting which pieces to display together and finding most appealing way to present furniture and accessories in small spaces.
  • Contributed to store’s winning Regional Sales Award for highest sales within one month of display overhaul.
  • Collaborated with management on regular basis to strategize best ways to increase accent and furniture sales, and trained
  • Facilitated sell-off of obsolete and overstock inventory through attractive displays and markdown strategies.
  • Tracked and maintained inventory levels within corporate guidelines and assisted with cycle counts and tagging of merchandise.

years in

Visual Merchandiser

Responsible for the Visual Merchandising of an 80,000 sq. ft. showroom in a fast paced environment, producing a variety of solutions that enhanced and supported the varied product offerings of the company.

  • Partnering with store and district management adapted visual direction to the store’s needs, layout and best sellers driving sales through strategic merchandise placement.
  • Partnered with the store sales Management and Receiving Teams in the merchandising, display and inventory integrity of Retail Showroom.
  • Contributed to the store’s profitability by creating inviting, visually appealing environment for our customer’s shopping pleasure.
  • Worked with other key staff members to coordinate placement of new merchandise and periodic physical inventories of furniture and accessories.
  • Maintained, replenished, and ordered accessories for showroom.

years in

at this job


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Free Professional Resume Critique

We have partnered with TopResume to bring you a FREE resume critique service. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume – and how to improve it.

Well done! Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation from TopResume within 24 hours.

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We Are Premium

Great companies start with great people.
Every day, our people earn the name Premium.

Premium Retail Services attracts the smart. The motivated. The exceptional. And while we work as one to deliver real retail results for our clients in stores and beyond, we come from many backgrounds.

So whether you re a merchandiser rolling up your sleeves in stores or a Client Account Director managing the day-to-day details of a key account, you re going to be part of something special at Premium.

Flexibility permeates our approach to meeting client needs and the work-life balance of our people. Creativity, collaboration and family values rule the day. And at Premium, they always will.

Start your career today!

Work with the most exciting brands in retail.

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Retail Lighting

In the retail environment, the focus should be on the store’s products, not the retail lighting. At LaMar, we offer a large selection in retail lighting fixtures that will shine a light on products and customers. We know that a good lighting design provides a welcoming and pleasant shopping experience.We offer numerous energy-efficient fluorescent lighting products that are designed to provide direct or indirect lighting. Offered with many options to best meet the needs of each customer, we are capable of designing and developing custom lighting solutions for each retail lighting application.In large big box, warehouse style retail establishments, our Highbay products are ideal for delivering a large amount of light over a large area. Click on the products below to learn more about our retail lighting options.
Most surface, suspended and recessed products now available for use with LED modular light engines – Consult factory for more information

NLR Series

NLSD Series

NLSDI Series

NLSR Series

44LG/F Series

LWT Series

DRL Series

MCNL Series

HBL1 Series LED Lights

LP3 Series Fluorescent Lights

FS Series Fluorescent Lights

EHB6 Series Fluorescent Lights

EHB4 Series Fluorescent Lights

LS Series Fluorescent Lights

MAX-E Series Fluorescent Lights

VGA Series Fluorescent Lights

RWW Series Fluorescent Lights

NB Series Fluorescent Lights

MO Series Fluorescent Lights

EB Series Fluorescent Lights

DRB Series Fluorescent Lights

66-S Series Fluorescent Lights

66 F-G Series Fluorescent Lights

44-W Series Fluorescent Lights (Wall Mount)

44-S Series Fluorescent Lights

66-W Series Fluorescent Lights (Wall Mount)

AR Series Fluorescent Lights

DR Series Fluorescent Lights

CWM Series Fluorescent Lights (Wall Mount)

CV Series Fluorescent Lights

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The prices above include new underlay. If you have existing underlay that is in good condition and don’t wish to take advantage of our fantastic free fitting offer we can arrange the fitting of your new carpets on your existing underlay for a minimal charge. Also, many of our carpets have a felt backing so they can be fitted straight to the floor without underlay for a minimal charge. We have hundreds of carpets, laminates and vinyl’s which can be taken away today by yourselves as we have huge stocks in store. We can also arrange prompt home delivery within 20 miles for a minimal charge.

We are an EDLP (Every Day Low Prices) Carpet & Flooring Warehouse

We do not believe in yo-yo (up and down) pricing. Many of our competitors ramp up their so-called list prices or RRP to ridiculous levels and then show a discount ie 25% Off Plus an Extra 10% Off / Half Price Plus an extra 25% Off / Offer Ends 6pm Monday etc. These offers are used to get shoppers exited and confused into thinking they are getting a bargain when in fact they are paying through the nose. We price everything in store at the lowest possible price every day week in week out. We guarantee that if we reduce any of our carpets this discount is genuine. We firmly believe the customer should just receive the lowest price possible without having to be bamboozled by sales gimmicks and promotions. We guarantee you won t find a better price anywhere and remember our price transparency policy of no hidden extra charges.

Urmston Carpets – Manchester ‘s Largest Discounter of Quality Carpets at Cheap Prices!


*Free fitting applies when you buy the equivalent size of our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum underlay. Stair surcharge applies.Free fitting offer does not apply to laminate wood or vinyl flooring.

Follow Us

I ve Just had 3 bedrooms, hall, stairs, landing and front room carpeted and all downstairs finished in laminate. The sta ff were really helpful, provided samples and expert advice. The fitters were polite, clean and the finish was exceptiona l. Very happy with the price and products, I will definitely be coming back in the future and recommendi ng Urmston Carpets! Thanks guys Lucy Dan

Excellent and prompt service from start to finish.Advice in store was good, and welcome, and the manager came out to check everything was in order for fitters to arrive2 days later and fit my hall stairs, landing, and bedroom.Fitters both very good and tidy, as well has solving a couple of problems with the fit for me. Very pleased will use again and recommend.

Extremely pleased with both the service in-store and the actual carpet fitting. Quick and easy to order, and they didn t try and sell us the premium underlay as the bigger carpet chain stores do. We were advised in fact not to order the premium underlay as it wasn t necessary for the carpet we had purchased (which was a very reasonable price). Most unusual! It was the easiest purchase of a carpet we have ever made by a significant degree. Carpet fitter was efficient and polite and we re very happy with the result. Would definitely recommend this place and will be returning in the near future.

We had a bedroom carpet fitted recently and received great service from start to finish. Great quality carpet for a goo d price. Thank you Kieran for your help in the shop and Mike for doing such a great job fitting the carpet! We ll be back for the rest of the house!

Great service from the moment we walked in. We had just bought a new build and needed the complete house carpeted the week before christmas. We gave Kieran our floor plans and he worked out exactly how much carpet we needed within 5 mins (compared to carpet right who took half an hour to work it out). Their prices are amazing for the quality of carpet (again so much better than the big carpet shops). We love our carpet. I would recommend urmston carpets to all my friends and family. Thank you for enabling us to move into our home so close to Christmas.

We ve just had the 4th room of our house done by Urmston Carpets, I wouldn t go anywhere else! Great bunch of lads, quality carpets that are affordable, also very reliable.

After struggling with the large retailers for months we found the exact carpet we wanted here. Will was extremely helpful and had someone out to measure that same day. The carpet was fitted the following Wednesday. Other than a glitch with the measurements, the service was great, the overall result was exactly what we wanted and the price a fraction of what John Lewis wanted. Thanks!

I have recently moved into my new home and I didn’t have a clue what carpet to go for and what underlay I needed. The staff there were really helpful and they advised me on what would suit my needs and what will be best for my budget. They sent out an estimator on the day and priced everything up for me. I was really shocked by how cheap everything was and I didn’t go over my budget. Thank you for all of your help and advice.

If you want a quality service that s great value for money get your carpets from this place been back twice now and service/products cannot be faulted