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5 Important Transferable Skills You Gain In Retail Jobs

When you work in retail, you don t (or at least rarely) get the luxury of a set schedule.

The customer is always right (even when they aren t).

You can spend a good portion of your shift cleaning up messes made by other people.

You may have to refold the same sweater 27 times in a single day.

It s easy to focus on the negatives, but that won t help your career, will it?

On the more positive side, working in retail allows you to gain some amazing experience and highly transferable skills that are valuable in any sector, which you can take with you as you move between roles or industries.

So, whether you really want a long-term career in retail, or are simply working in a part-time or seasonal retail job to keep yourself busy and make some extra cash, your time spent behind the counter at a store or bank branch might prove to be more beneficial than you realized.

Take a look at how those classic points that employers seek on resumes can be supported by your time working the kiosk in the mall.

Excellent interpersonal skills

First and foremost, working in the customer service industry gives you the chance to spend your entire day communicating with people. You learn to be helpful, but genuine. Friendly yet efficient. You also get the chance to work with quite a diverse group of people, allowing you to experience and deal with a mixture of personality types.

Perhaps most importantly, you learn how to fake a smile when you need to. Not sure how exactly to answer the question your interviewer is asking you? No problem you worked retail.

Effective time management skills

Your Monday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. shift is followed by Tuesday’s 12:30-7 and Wednesday’s 5-close. A flexible schedule forces you to learn how to utilize your time to get everything done.

Perhaps you are on the prowl for a more permanent position or you re still trying to fit your badminton games in three times a week.

Working a job with ever-changing hours forces you to be ever-on top of things.

Ability to stay calm in stressful circumstances

You re behind the cash. The line is halfway through the store and you are ringing through one customer s purchase while someone else is wagging damaged items under your nose.

Every industry is going to throw situations at you which require you to multitask. Fast. Having this previous experience can only help. Remember the most challenging circumstances you ve faced in your retail career and how you overcome those circumstances they ll come in handy in a job interview one day.

Experience handling cash, debit and credit card transactions

Handling money indicates that you are trustworthy and able to count (which, believe it or not, is a skill in and of itself). A future employer will appreciate both of these things.

Ability to problem solve and think on your feet

If you’re working on commission (or aren’t but still have managers watching you like a hawk), you better sell meaning you better learn how to handle that customer who says she’s just looking . Coming up with creative ways to make sales and converse with customers is going to impress any future employer and in the meantime, maybe even make you that commission.

Which on-the-job retail skills have proved to be most beneficial in your career so far?

March 20, 2013 October 7, 2015

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Key Skills employers want in Retail? The Student Room #value #retail

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Key Skills employers want in Retail?

(Original post by rylit91 )
Question is basically in the title. What particular skills/attributes do employers lap up in retail? I.e points to make in a question such as What skills, knowledge and experience. do you have etc.

people skills, customer service, initiative, enthusiasm, determination, good leader and hard working. They’re the main ones.

Most important though is customer service, initiative and people skills. Enthusiasm, determination and hard working are pretty standard for every job and good leadership skills is only needed if you want to work up towards Manager.

(Original post by rylit91 )
Question is basically in the title. What particular skills/attributes do employers lap up in retail? I.e points to make in a question such as What skills, knowledge and experience. do you have etc.

Depends what role you are applying for. If I were recruiting for a colleague to work on a till, I would look for polite, friendly mannerisms and a customer-focussed work ethic. However if I were looking to recruit a retail manager, I would look for someone who can communicate effectively to their team, drive performance through incentives and performance management tools and someone who can identify opportunities to drive sales and reduce costs (i.e. generate higher profits).

So the answer to your question, it really depends what role you are applying for.

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A major challenge to CIOs will be to prioritize and ramp up enabling technology investments for excellence of data management.

As digitalized retailers increase their use of advanced analytics fueled by big data, it will be vital to reorganize merchandising and marketing around the needs of the consumer. The ultimate goal will be to provide the necessary foundation for the business to leverage customer data in meaningful ways. Actionable use of customer-related information across the business to enhance the customer experience will be a key differentiator to increase market share. Download the research or watch the webinar to learn about Gartner’s four retail key initiatives.

Retail Industry Research Focuses on Digital Business Transformation

Multichannel Fulfillment and Returns — What’s Happening Out There?

How Gartner Can Help

Gartner research provides retail leaders with actionable insights on the new technologies and practices they need to successfully change the way their organizations operate, such as:

  • Digital Business
  • Mobile internet
  • Social networking
  • Sensor technology
  • Developing for the Internet of Things
  • Digital Value Chain
  • Digital technology architecture
  • Digital citizens

    All organizations should now assume they are in a state of continuous compromise. Protect your company today.

    Watch your

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    Etsy Wholesale

    Retail partners,

    be a part of the Etsy Economy

    Our collaboration with Etsy speaks directly to Whole Foods Market’s Core Values. By developing longstanding partnerships with artisans both locally and nationally, we can satisfy and delight our customers, and continue to provide them with unique product offerings that they are looking for. Many of our small vendors live in these communities and by working with them, we’re able to connect deeper with our neighbors and generate a stronger relationship with our customers.

    Tanya Seber, Whole Foods Market

    Northeast Senior Whole Body Coordinator

    Where retailers connect with wholesale-ready independent designers

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    Retail Minded Magazine is the only trade publication dedicated to the entire lifestyle of owning your own, small retail business. Delivering NEWS, EDUCATION SUPPORT for independent business owners of all kinds, Retail Minded offers practical solutions, expert advice and realistic insight to the daily demands of running your own store.

    Each issue of Retail Minded delivers news on inspiring merchants, industry trends, tips to managing your business, affordable marketing ideas and much, much more! We don’t represent just one retail category, but instead represent the business of independent retail stores at large. Another perk? Like our readers, we are indie ourselves!

    What does this mean?

    • RM looks at the responsibilities of retailers both in and out of their stores.
    • RM considers that indie retailers have a lot to do, so it’s our goal to provide real life, practical tips on accomplishing your goals.
    • RM understands it takes an army to be successful – which is why we have a nationally recognized Advisory Board to share their wisdom.
    • RM has your best interest in mind in all aspects of your life, so our support overlaps into your health, wellness and total lifestyle.
    • RM wants you to lean on us for your store issues – it’s as if we are your own private coach, leading you step by step through your retail goals.
    • RM supports you as an entrepreneur and is dedicated to helping you reach your dreams!

    Retail Minded Magazine is unlike anything in the market and was inspired by the small, retail store owner. And like you, we’re “boutique” ourselves. We’re chasing our own dream in producing a quality publication that delivers no-nonsense support with a twist of fun for indie stores everywhere.

    Have a group of retailers you want to share Retail Minded Magazine with? For groups of ten or more, learn more about the Retail Minded Partner Program here!


    ——— Companies We Love ———

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    RM Information

    Retail Minded loves hearing from retailers and industry supporters! Whether you want to simply say hello or see how we may be able to work together, we’re always happy to hear from you.

    Thank you! We look forward to connecting soon!

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    Top 50 online retailers in the UK: Argos reclaims second place from Apple – Digital Intelligence daily digital marketing research #retail #sales #training

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    Top 50 online retailers in the UK: Argos reclaims second place from Apple

    Argos is the second most visited online retailer in the UK behind Amazon, reclaiming second place from Apple, according to new data. The research, from Experian Hitwise and IMRG, indicates that Electronics retailers Currys (ranked 15), Comet (30), and PC World (38) all rose up the Hot Shops list this quarter.

    Currys and PC World were also ahead year-on-year, up two and three places respectively on February 2011.

    This quarter’s five fastest movers in the Hot Shops list were all travel brands. First Choice (up 37 places), Thomas Cook (+23), TravelRepublic.co.uk (+20), Thomson (+15) and Expedia (+12) all climbed in the rankings. Outside of the travel industry the fastest movers were LoveFilm.com (+10), Currys (+6), IKEA (+6) and PC World (+6).

    Travel’s winter peak in January saw eleven travel brands rise in the rankings within the top 50. Premier Inn broke into the top 50 for the first time this quarter, and TravelRepublic.co.uk climbed 20 places on November to come back into the top 50.

    As expected, this was a strong quarter for travel brands with the five fastest movers of the last three months all coming from this sector. Much like last year, it was the multi-channel travel agencies First Choice, Thomas Cook and Thomson that were the fastest-growing travel sites, although the airlines easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways all rose in the rankings too. By this measure First Choice’s decision last year to switch to purely all- inclusive holidays seems to have paid off, as the travel agency was ranked four places higher this year than in February 2011.

    Post-Christmas shopping this year produced the biggest ever day of online shopping, with 96 million UK internet visits going to retail websites on Boxing Day 2011. In January it was the electronics providers and home improvements retailers that saw big increases in online traffic as consumers sought out big ticket items such as TVs, laptops, sofas, wardrobes and bathrooms. Currys, IKEA and PC World all jumped six places in the Hot Shops list since last
    quarter, while Homebase and Comet were also among this quarter’s rising websites.

    Online-only brands also had a strong quarter. Four of the top 10 in the Hot Shops list this quarter are online-only, including fashion retailer ASOS which climbed two places to 10th position. ASOS was also one of four fashion brands including Next, New Look and Very.co.uk that improved on its position year-on-year. Video rental and streaming site LoveFilm.com climbed 10 places to 18th in the list.

    James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise commented: “Travel has done well this quarter despite some really challenging market conditions. In early December many of Europe’s ski resorts were struggling with a lack of snow and things were looking pretty bleak, but massive snowfall in mid-December restored confidence and this together with people planning spring and summer breaks has seen the market bounce back well.

    “As we predicted, 2011 was another record-breaking year for online retail with 343 million hours spent shopping online in December. As with Christmas 2010 there is still a gap between multi-channel retailers and online-only retailers. For the last three years multi- channel retailers like Next, Argos and John Lewis have consistently received more traffic than the online-only specialists like Amazon and Play.com. However, some online-only brands are starting to level the playing field, as witnessed by the rise of ASOS, LoveFilm.com and the specialist travel brands in the rankings.”

    Tina Spooner, Chief Information Officer at IMRG, commented: “These figures are consistent with what we’re seeing from the IMRG Capgemini Index, where sales in January for the travel sector were up 16% year-on-year, following what was a challenging year in 2011 for the online travel industry. The story is similar for the electronics retailers as well, where growth levels remained below average for the e-retail sector throughout 2011 but returned to fairly steady double-digit growth toward the end of the year.

    “The November Hot Shops list coincided with the launch of the iPhone 4S and the passing
    of Steve Jobs, which resulted in surges of traffic to displace Argos from second place for the first time. However, Argos has now climbed back to its familiar position, which is unsurprising for a retailer that now makes 40% of its sales online.”

    The IMRG-Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List of the top 50 UK e-retailers* is the key indicator of online merchant performance. The List is published quarterly and tracks popularity, as indicated by visits, of those selling goods and services within the IMRG Capgemini Index Classification. This List is based on January 2012 data. The IMRG-Experian Hitwise Hot Shops List excludes eBay and price comparison / aggregator websites such as Kelkoo and Froogle.

    ** IMRG Capgemini Index Classification: Beer / wine / spirits; Books; CDs / tapes / records; Clothing / footwear / accessories; Computer hardware / peripherals / consumables; Consumer electronics; Digital downloads (e.g. music, software); Flowers; Food, beverages and household supplies; Furniture; Garden / DIY; Health and beauty; Home appliances (e.g. washing machines); Household goods (e.g. kitchenware, bedding); Jewellery / watches; Software; Sporting goods; Tickets (e.g. cinema, theatre, events); Toys; Travel (e.g. flights, holidays, hotels, car hire); Video games; Videos / DVDs

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    Retail NZ

    NZ Retail Magazine

    As the official magazine of Retail NZ, NZRetail Magazine is dedicated to providing retail business news, trends and developments to its readers in a clear and comprehensive manner. Both large and small retail business owners and managers consider NZRetail compelling and useful. In a media environment that’s more and more cluttered with messages across a wide range of channels, this multi-award-winning title is delivered right into the hands of New Zealand’s retail decision makers.

    As a Retail NZ member, your subscription to the Magazine (RRP $71.40 per annum) is FREE. If you’re not a Retail NZ member and you’d like to subscribe to the Magazine, please click “subscribe now” and you’ll be taken to the Tangible Media website.

    Associate members are entitled to a 15% discount off standard advertising rates. For more information download the Media Kit here.

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    Welcome to California Inc. the weekly newsletter of the L.A. Times Business section. I m Business columnist David Lazarus, and here s a rundown of upcoming stories this week and the highlights of last week. A T has reached a deal to buy Time Warner Inc. for $85.4 billion in a blockbuster marriage.

    Salary transparency has been a big buzzword in recent years. President Obama signed an executive order that bans federal contractors from retaliating against workers who talk about their pay. More Silicon Valley start-ups have adopted the idea of disclosing workers salaries. And millennials —.

    Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war. Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back. Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours.

    California’s unrelenting economy refused to slow in September, amassing another 30,000 new jobs even as more people seeking work opted into the labor market, according to state data released Friday. The gain did not affect the unemployment rate, which held at 5.5%. September marked the eighth.

    Under pressure to stabilize wobbly insurance markets nationwide, the Obama administration is making a new push to sign up Americans for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, aiming to increase enrollment by about 1 million in 2017. With insurers canceling health plans or raising premiums.

    Stocks inch higher as banks rise and drugmakers fall

    Verizon to shut call centers in California and 4 other states

    Applications for jobless benefits stay at 43-year low, indicating layoffs are scarce

    Healthcare costs under Obamacare are not ‘going up by numbers that are astronomical,’ as Trump says

    Healthcare costs under Obamacare are not ‘going up by numbers that are astronomical’ as Trump says

    Mistakes to avoid when enrolling in benefits at work

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    World’s Largest Retailers by Country

    Updated August 12, 2016

    Each country has a retailer that is its biggest and best, and when comparing the biggest and best retail chains from each company, the Global Powers of Retailing list emerges. From the 13th annual “Global Powers of Retailing” report compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine, this is the list of the retailers who are leading the way for the retail industry in each of their 32 homelands.

    The “Global Powers of Retailing” list ranks global retailers according to total revenue. In 2010 the list reflects the revenue that was generated in 2009, which was the early part of an intense global retailing recession. Despite that, the changes from the last Global Powers list are surprisingly not all that dramatic.

    Most of the world’s largest retailers positioned in the top half of the list moved very little in their rankings, if at all. Wal-Mart is still, by far, the largest retailer in the world. France’s Carrefour is still #2. Germany’s Metro AG overtook the United Kingdom’s Tesco chain and claimed the #3 position on the list. The top retailers in the top countries managed to maintain relative stability on the global retailing stage.

    There were a few big notable shifts in the world’s largest retailers, however. Norway and Lithuania became global powers of retailing, joining this year’s list at #88 and #221, respectively.

    Iceland fell off the list completely after its Baugur Group became a recession casualty.

    Russia fell from the #15 position to the #107 position, the largest drop for any one country. China’s ranking fell from #63 to #90, and a new largest retailer emerged in that country. Spain, Finland, Chile, South Korea, and Brazil also had new retail companies assume the position of being their country’s largest retailer.

    Click the links below to view the World s Largest Retailers list by continent or view the complete list, which is arranged by country.

    Click Here for Newest Rankings – 2011 World s Largest Retailers

    World s Largest Arranged by Store Type:

    Click Here for Newest Rankings – 2011 World s Largest Retailers

    What follows is the list of the largest retail company in each of 32 countries, according to fiscal year 2009 total revenue. The list below is arranged alphabetically by country, not according to sales or revenue. Compare these results to the 12th Global Powers of Retailing list.

    World s Largest Retailers According to the 13th Global Powers of Retailing List, (sorted by country):

    Top Global Retail Ranking #106 – Comanhia Brasileira de Distribuicao SA Grupo Pao De Acucar
    Convenience/Forecourt Store, Electronics Specialty, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket

    Top Global Retail Ranking #112 – Cencosud S.A.


    Top Global Retail Ranking #78 – Dansk Supermarket A/S

    Apparel/Footwear Specialty, Department Store, Discount Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore
    Complete List of World s Largest Danish Retailers

    Top Global Retail Ranking #80 – S Group


    Top Global Retail Ranking #2 – Carrefour

    Cash and Carry/Warehouse Club, Discount Department Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket, convenience/forecourt store
    Complete List of World s Largest French Retailers

    Top Global Retail Ranking #3 – Metro AG

    Apparel/Footwear Specialty, Cash Carry/Warehouse Club, Department Store, Electronics, Specialty, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest German Retailers

    Hong Kong SAR
    Top Global Retail Ranking #53 – AS Watson Company Ltd.

    Discount Store, Drug Store/Pharmacy, Electronics Specialty, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket

    More World s Largest Retail Companies

    Click Here for Newest Rankings – 2011 World s Largest Retailers

    World s Largest Arranged by Store Type:

    More About the World s Largest Retailers

    2010 World s Largest Retailers According to the 13th Global Powers of Retailing List, (contined):

    Click Here for Newest Rankings – 2011 World s Largest Retailers

    Top Global Retail Ranking #221 – MAXIMA GRUPE, UAB


    Top Global Retail Ranking #25 – Koninklijke Ahold N.V

    Convenience/Forecourt Store, Discount Store, Drug Store/Pharmacy, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest Netherlands Retailers

    Top Global Retail Ranking #94 – Jeronimo Martins, SGPS SA

    Cash Carry/Warehouse Club, Discount Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest Portuguese Retailers

    Republic of Ireland
    Top Global Retail Ranking #231 – Dunnes Stores Ltd.

    Department Store

    Top Global Retail Ranking #107 – X5 Retail Group N.V.

    Convenience/Forecourt Store, Discount Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket

    Top Global Retail Ranking #198 – Poslovni system Mercador, d.d.


    South Africa
    Top Global Retail Ranking #130 – Shoprite Holdings Ltd.

    Apparel/Footwear Specialty, Convenience/Forecourt Store, Drug Store/Pharmacy, Home Improvement, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest South African Retailers

    South Korea
    Top Global Retail Ranking #78 – Lotte Shopping Co. Ltd.

    Department Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket

    Top Global Retail Ranking #40 – Migros-Genossenschafts Bund

    Apparel/Footwear Specialty, Convenience/Forecourt Store, Department Store, Discount Store, Electronics Specialty, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest Swiss Retailers

    Top Global Retail Ranking #187 – President Chain Store Corp.

    Convenience/Forecourt Store, Department Store, Drug Store/Pharmacy, Other Specialty, Supermarket

    Top Global Retail Ranking #209 – CP All

    Convenience/Forecourt Store

    Top Global Retail Ranking #199 – Migros Turk T.A.S.

    Discount Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket

    United Kingdom
    Top Global Retail Ranking #4 – Tesco

    Convenience/Forecourt Store, Department Store, Discount Department Store, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket
    Complete List of World s Largest UK Retailers

    Click Here for Newest Rankings – 2011 World s Largest Retailers

    World s Largest Arranged by Store Type:

    More About Global Retailing:

    Wholesale – definition of wholesale by The Free Dictionary #retail #it #jobs

    #wholesale retail




    1. (also adverb ) buying and selling goods on a large scale, usually from a manufacturer and to a retailer. a wholesale business; He buys the materials wholesale. grootmaat بَيْع بالجُمْلَه продажба на едро venda por atacado ve velkém der Großhandel en gros-; en gros χονδρικός. χονδρικά al por mayor hulgi- عمده فروشى tukku- en/de gros מְכִירָה כְּלָלִית थोक veleprodaja nagykereskedelmi secara borongan heildsala all’ingrosso 卸売の 도매의 didmeninis; urmu vairumtirdzniecības- borong in het groot en gros hurtowy په غونډ ډول خر څول (خر څېدل: غونډ پلورنه (عمده فروشي،: غونډپلورنه (عمده فروشي،: غونډ خرڅونى: پراخ، عام venda por atacado (vânzare) en gros оптовыи; оптом veľkoobchodný, masový; vo veľkom na debelo trgovina na veliko grossist-, parti- ซึ่งขายส่ง toptan 批發的(地) оптовий تھوک خرید و فروخت bán sỉ 批发的

    2. on a large scale. the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. op groot skaal مَذْبَحَة جَماعِيَّه، مَذْبَحَه بالجُمْلَه на едро indiscriminado hromadný Massen masse- ευρύτατος, χωρίς διακρίσεις en masa. indiscriminado massiline بطور يکجا joukko- systématique בִּקנֶה מִידָה גָדוֹל बड़े पैमाने पर sveopći általános besar-besaran fjölda-, heildar-, allsherjar- (in massa) 大規模な 대규모로 masiškas, didelio masto slaktiņš besar-besaran op grote schaal masse-. i stor stil masowy په غونډ ډول indiscriminado pe scară largă массовый masový masovno masovan utan åtskillnad, mass- ซึ่งขายส่ง büyük çapta 大規模的 масовий; у великих розмірах بڑے پیمانے پر trên quy mô lớn 大批的

    a person who buys and sells goods wholesale. grootmaathandelaar تاجِر بالجُمْلَه търговец на едро atacadista velkoobchodník der/die Großhändler(in) grossist χονδρέμπορος mayorista hulgikaupmees عمده فروش tukkukauppias grossiste סיטונאי थोक विक्रेता veletrgovac nagykereskedő pedagang borongan heildsali grossista 卸売業者 도매상 didmenininkas, urmininkas vairumtirgotājs pemborong groothandelaar grossist hurtownik عمده فروش atacadista angrosist оптовик veľkoobchodník grosist trgovac na veliko grosshandlare, grossist พ่อค้าขายส่ง toptancı 批發商 оптовик تھوک فروش شخص người bán sỉ 批发商


    Link to this page:

    References in classic literature ?

    The dry-goods stores were not down among the counting-houses, banks, and wholesale warerooms, where gentlemen most do congregate, but Jo found herself in that part of the city before she did a single errand, loitering along as if waiting for someone, examining engineering instruments in one window and samples of wool in another, with most unfeminine interest, tumbling over barrels, being half-smothered by descending bales, and hustled unceremoniously by busy men who looked as if they wondered `how the deuce she got there’.

    The landlord was interrupted by one of the guests, a tall, grey-mustached man who worked for a wholesale grocery house.

    He met some neighbors with whom Elzbieta had made friends in her neighborhood, and he set out to make Socialists of them by wholesale. and several times he all but got into a fight.

    Tell them of cruel scourgings, of mutilations and brandings, of scenes of pollution and blood, of the banishment of all light and knowl- edge, and they affect to be greatly indignant at such enormous exaggerations, such wholesale misstate- ments, such abominable libels on the character of the southern planters

    Here is a fellow, who, infected by the most pestilent and blasphemous code of devilry that ever was known, abandoned his property to the vilest scum of the earth that ever did murder by wholesale. and you ask me why I am sorry that a man who instructs youth knows him?

    Here’s a gen’lm’n behind me, I’ll pound it,’ said William, ‘as has bred ’em by wholesale .

    I was greatly dejected and distressed, but in an incoherent wholesale sort of way.

    His earnings in his native town, where he worked for a wholesale dealer, had been after a lower rate; he had been paid weekly, and of his weekly earnings a large proportion had gone to objects of piety and charity.

    After reflecting upon the matter for some time he decided to lay it out on glasses, bottles, and things of that sort, which he would buy from a wholesale merchant.

    He consoled himself as best he could in the society of a dozen rich families, former manufacturers of the old point d’Alencon, owners of pastures and cattle, or merchants doing a wholesale business in linen, among whom, as he hoped, he might find a wealthy wife.

    Well, sir, every day, ay, and twice and thrice in the same day, there have been orders and complaints, and I have been sent flying to all the wholesale chemists in town.

    For one hour this wholesale massacre continued, from which the cachalots could not escape.