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While many of us might dream about leaving our corporate job to start a business of our own, Sharon Munroe actually did it. After spending 21 years as a market researcher, Munroe opened Little Green Beans. a consignment store in Austin, which specializes in children’s clothing, toys, and accessories such as strollers and high chairs. It was in November 2010 that Munroe, who originally moved to Austin to take a job with Dell in 1997, decided she was tired of the hustle and bustle of her job and wanted to do something else that would allow her to connect with her community and with other moms like herself. Munroe had been volunteering at a local nonprofit thrift store for some 11 years, so she knew there was a ripe market for gently used clothing and equipment in the Austin area. “I thought, ‘Let’s combine the resale and retail experience,'” says Munroe, who formed an LLC on November 30 and officially opened her doors on February 10, 2011; in the first six months of operation, she had already worked with 135 consigners to sell some 8,900 items to date.

But before she even got started, Munroe turned to a network of friends and acquaintances, including a SCORE counselor and a tenant’s agent, who helped her map out a good location for her shop–critical for a retail operation–as well as to map out her cash-flow projections in terms of what she needed to invest to get her business up and running. The latter was doubly important, because, as a first-time entrepreneur, Munroe was told she wouldn’t be able to land a loan from the bank. In other words, she was going to have to bankroll her startup costs. “When it’s your savings, it’s a bit scary to take such a big risk,” says Munroe, who had been putting aside money for years in anticipation of opening her own business someday. “But it was a calculated risk where I wasn’t going to just throw money at things and hope they worked. I knew where I was going to get a return on my investment.”

As a guide to help other prospective entrepreneurs understand the startup costs associated with a retail shop, Munroe has been kind enough to share what she spent to open her store and why:

1. Rent and Operating Costs

  • Security deposit for the rental lease ($1,877, based on 1,609 square feet in a well-established, centrally located strip shopping center in North Austin, Texas)
  • First month’s rent in advance, plus triple net ($1,877; $835 for her portion of the center’s operating expenses and property taxes)
  • Utilities security deposit ($300)

Rents vary, of course, depending on where you live and how valuable a particular location is (which is why retailers should employ a tenant’s agent for help). Munroe says she chose a fairly middle-of-the-road location that was in a shopping center and near plenty of residential housing, exactly the kind of place her target market–families with kids–would frequent. (Click here to learn more about commercial real estate.)

Total Rent and Operating Expenses: $4,889

2. Location Improvement Costs

  • Construction costs to customize the space ($4,000)
  • Store fixtures, including poles, racks, shelves, gondolas, mannequins, a cash counter, sizers, and bookcases ($3,500)
  • Handyman and supplies ($150)

Munroe says she wanted her store to feel like a boutique, so she invested in making improvements–such as updating the bathroom with new fixtures, paint, and flooring–to make her customers feel comfortable. She also saved money by purchasing her fixtures from a reseller. (For more on the office and operations, click here .)

Total Location Improvement Costs: $7,650

Munroe has a huge advantage over other retailers in that she doesn’t have to pre-buy her inventory, which has allowed her to spend less than $750 on purchasing merchandise since January 2011. Instead, she splits the proceeds of every sale 50-50 with her consigners. (Click here to learn more on managing inventory.)

Total Inventory Costs: $0

4. Miscellaneous Operating Expenses

  • Hangers for clothing ($1,000)
  • Liability insurance ($185 quarterly)
  • Accounting setup ($25 per month for QuickBooks Online)
  • Association fees and directories ($250)
  • Office and cleaning supplies ($100)

Hangers are an underrated cost for any retailer. (Munroe tries to save money by buying recycled ones whenever possible.)

Total Miscellaneous Operating Expenses: $1,560

  • Computer, laser printer, and cordless phones ($900)
  • IT consultant and tech support ($600)
  • Telecom services: high-speed internet via cable modem and digital phone ($100)
  • Domain registration ($15)
  • Google services, including the store’s e-mail ($50)
  • Website hosting, design, and development ($3,500)
  • Specialized POS software for the resale industry ($1,000)

Given her experience working in the computer industry, Munroe wanted to give herself all the possible advantages technology could bring. That’s why, though many retailers might start off doing things manually, she sprung for a new laptop computer and software that would make it easy to track what she needed to pay her consigners. (Click here to learn more about setting up a website.)

Total IT Costs: $6,165

  • An exterior sign and center pylon signs (two) ($4,500)
  • Interior signage and d cor ($600)
  • Trademark registration and legal services ($500)
  • Logo design ($1,500)
  • Business card design and printing ($1,300)
  • Flier design and printing ($350)
  • Coupon design, printing, and redemption costs ($150)

Not surprisingly, Munroe invested in multiple marketing efforts to help build the brand of her new business. “Image is so important,” she says. “I wanted to put my best foot forward in setting the tone for what the store is about and how we do business.” (Click here to learn more on how to market your business.)

Total Marketing Costs: $8,900

7. Public Relations

  • Grand opening event, including food and beverages, entertainment, and signage ($750)
  • Public relations and media relations around the grand opening ($800)
  • Advertising around the grand opening ($120)

To kick off her new business, Munroe decided to foot the bill to hold a “Grand Opening” event that had healthy snacks, a friendly clown, and a musical sing-along with a popular local band. “It was really important to have something that told people we are officially open and that they should come check us out,” says Munroe. (To learn more about public relations, click here .)

Total PR Costs: $1,670

Grand Total of Startup Costs: $30,834

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All Retail

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5 Best-Paying Retail Management Jobs

Do you have years of retail experience under your belt? It may be time to start looking at career advancement opportunities at your company or elsewhere and it s important to know your worth.

Here s a salary outlook for some of the best-paying retail managerial roles, including best-paying companies, skills and states that pay above the national average.

District Manager | Median Annual Salary: $72,402

Salary outlook: Retail district managers at Walgreen Co. can make an average $128K and Sears Holdings Corporation, CVS Caremark Corporation and Family Dollar Stores Inc. are some of the top-paying firms where district managers see a range of $88K to $114K. District managers are responsible for managing store inventory, hiring, training and supervising store managers in the region and monitoring sales and operations at a regional level. Employees report high job satisfaction and salaries generally peak at the $80K level with 10 to 20 years of experience. An increase in pay comes with financial analysis, human resources, operations management and team leadership skills of about 4 percent to 10 percent. New York is reported to pay more than 20 percent above the national average of $75,321.

See what retail district manager jobs are available and apply today.

Human Resources Manager | Median Annual Salary: $60,619

Salary outlook: Human resources managers are reported to be paid more at The Walt Disney Company and Comcast Cable, Inc. nearing the $75K-80K range. Responsibilities include advising and coaching managers on HR policies and programs, including employee relations issues. Aside from staying on top of policies and making sure procedures aligned with state and federal laws are administered, human resource managers are responsible for business planning and development of HR programs and coordinating efforts in recruitment, compensation, benefits and training. Performance management and organizational development are crucial skills. San Francisco, New York and Washington are reported to pay more than 20 percent above the national average of $59,870.

General Manager | Median Annual Salary: $58,230

Salary outlook: Best Buy is reported to pay general managers more than $100K, far exceeding retailers salaries for this role. General managers with people management skills are likely to see greater pay. New York pays 43 percent above the national average of $54,900, followed by San Francisco and Los Angeles at 31 percent and 29 percent respectively. The majority of general managers have 10 to 19 years of retail experience. General managers are responsible for resolving customer problems and complaints, working to plan and meet sales targets, managing retail store staff including hiring and training new employees and overseeing payroll.

See what retail general manager jobs are available and apply today.

Operations Manager | Median Annual Salary: $56,888

Salary outlook: Operations managers average more than $90K at Inc. and nearly $108K at the United Parcel Service (UPS), Inc. Individuals in this role report high job satisfaction and find skills in project and budget management correlate with increased pay. San Francisco pays operations managers 17 percent above the national average of $59,882, followed by Houston at 15 percent. Operations managers are responsible for managing operational costs and company or department operations and making personnel decisions regarding hiring, compensation, promotions and disciplinary actions.

See what retail operations manager jobs are available and apply today.

Assistant Store Manager | Median Annual Salary: $45,387

Salary outlook: Assistant store managers salaries are on the lower end of the spectrum, however, potential for bonuses can peak yearly wages to near $59K depending on individual performance. Sales, operations and customer relationship management correlate with higher pay. Lowe s Home Improvement Inc. The Home Depot Inc. Walgreen Co. Lowe s Companies, Inc. and the Target Corporation are reported to pay between $50K and $60K for this role. Assistant store managers are responsible for overseeing daily retail operations, staff, workflow and schedules. They manage and stock inventory, resolve customer complaints and assist in managing and training staff and they ensure monthly sales quotas are met. Boston is reported to pay assistant store managers 51 percent above the national average of $37,363 followed by New York and Las Vegas, tied at 20 percent.

Note: Data is based on PayScale survey data.

Monster Wants to Know: What retail careers would you like to see featured? Share with us in the comment section.

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Store & Club Management Jobs

We support and empower our managers to help fulfill our mission of saving people money so they can live better. It’s a big job that requires leadership and in-depth knowledge of our stores. We look for individuals with great communication, organizational, financial and people skills. You’ll motivate your team and help to ensure that our stores are both profitable and partners in their communities.

Walmart Retail Management

In any of our facilities around the world, our teams can expect their managers to be there, serving right alongside them. It’s just one aspect of our unique culture that’s made us so successful.

Real Associates: Erin Ott

Sam’s Club Retail Management

Sam’s Club managers guide and motivate strong, collaborative teams for the eighth most valuable retail brand in the U.S. – based on the 2013 Interbrand rankings. You’ll have the chance to learn and lead progressive practices in our membership-based clubs. We offer an open and welcoming atmosphere where our associates are valued for their contributions. And we’re looking for leaders to join our organization that can develop innovative ways to help our Members and connect with our communities. We offer training and development to help you get to where you want to go.

Sam s Club Manager in Training Program

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retail store

department store. emporium – a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain

merchandise. product. ware – commodities offered for sale; “good business depends on having good merchandise”; “that store offers a variety of products”

business establishment. place of business – an establishment (a factory or an assembly plant or retail store or warehouse etc.) where business is conducted, goods are made or stored or processed or where services are rendered

shopping center. shopping centre. shopping mall. mall. plaza. center – mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace; “a good plaza should have a movie house”; “they spent their weekends at the local malls”

shop. store – a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; “he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod”

strip mall – a mercantile establishment consisting of a row of various stores and business and restaurants along a road or busy street; usually opening on a parking lot

References in classic literature ?

The splendid chandeliers and lustres of the drawing-room were lighted for the same reason as the lamps in the glittering retail stores of Broadway; and the brilliant effect of the taste of the young ladies was intended much like the nightly lustre of the lottery- offices, to tempt adventurers to try their chances.

On Sunday, Microsoft confirmed that it will open its flagship retail store in Manhattan, New York City.

The newly repositioned Manhattan Mall, at the heart of Manhattan’s 34th Street shopping district, has announced the opening of a one-of-a-kind Madison Square Garden retail store .

Typically, the retail store has a contract with a hauler, paper packer or broker to come by and collect their bales,” notes Jim Jagou, a vice president with Harris Waste Management Inc.

I concluded that one of the most straightforward examples of the ways by which the Japanese regulate business was a matter that involved me, my Japanese, American and Scandinavian neighbors, a Japanese retail store developer, an 80-something Japanese lawyer and landlord, and the city of Yokohama’s department of buildings.

The acceptance of MasterCard PayPass in participating Spartan Stores has begun and will be added to additional Spartan retail store locations.

The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) has inked a 48,000 square-foot lease for its first theme restaurant and retail store at 1501 Broadway, in the heart of New York City’s Times Square corridor.

NASDAQ: GMCR, BSE: GMR) announced today that while sales through the 24 weeks ended March 12, 1994 are more than 30% higher than sales during the comparable period in fiscal 1993, this rate of growth is lower than originally anticipated principally due to delays in new retail store openings and in the rate of increase in wholesale sales to certain of the Company’s larger wholesale customers.

Nasdaq:PALM) today announced a new Palm[R] Retail Store. its largest store to date.

The spread in the average asking rents for retail store on a designated avenue or street is therefore interpreted with this in mind.

a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation [NYSE: PVH], today announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement and retail store license for India with Murjani India Ltd.

specialty retail store base, initially focusing on the Tri-State area and North East region.

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Google opens its first branded retail store

Google is taking its biggest step yet into the world of bricks-and-mortar retail.

On Wednesday, the Internet giant opened its first branded store in London, which is being used to showcase a range of Google products, including Chromebooks, Android phones and Chromecast dongles.

Unlike the Apple Store, however, the Google store is really a store within a store. In this case, it’s housed inside of is Currys PC World, a UK electronics retailer.

“The pace of innovation of the devices we all use is incredible, yet the way we buy them has remained the same for years,” James Elias, Google’s UK marketing director, said in a statement at the store launch. “With the Google shop, we want to offer people a place where they can play, experiment and learn about all of what Google has to offer; from an incredible range of devices to a totally-connected, seamless online life. We think it’s a genuinely unique try-before-you-buy experience.”

Google previously launched an in-store experience at the same UK retailer in 2011, solely for the purpose of marketing its Chromebook laptops. The shop announced Wednesday is a much more scaled-up retail experience. As you might expect from Google, it is filled with plenty of geeky playfulness, including an interactive Google Earth installation and a large “doodle wall.”

A giant Pacman game? Google taking me back to my childhood at its new London shop

Over the years, Google has been rumored to be considering retail stores. (Anyone remember the Google mystery barges that some speculated were floating storefronts?)

For now, Google appears to be sticking with the store-within-a-store model. The company plans to unveil two more shops later this year.

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Retail Manager Jobs

Retail Manager Overview

Retail managers look for ways to increase sales and the productivity of their workforce. Managers are responsible for determining the layout of a store and will move items around the shop to garner more sales. They also handle the hiring and training of new employees and are required to terminate employees who do not perform well or have problems with customers. Some retail manager jobs also include tasks relating to the buying of new merchandise and ensuring that inventory is available to meet demand. When a problem arises with a customer, the manager is the one responsible for solving it. Because many industries need qualified managers, the skills that retail managers learn can assist them when working as resort managers. retail area managers and bar managers .

Retail Manager Education Requirements

Many companies require that new managers have a bachelor’s degree in business or a similar field. Exceptions are made for the prospective employee that is nearing graduation. Depending on the industry and the employer, new managers may need a master’s degree. It is possible for employees to work their way up from salespeople and similar jobs to a management position. Employers look for workers who have the skills needed to lead a small group, motivate sellers and increase sales. Managers also need strong customer service and communications skills, which lets them communicate effectively with both customers and employees.

Retail Manager Job Market

The expected growth for retail manager jobs from 2012 to 2022 is 8 percent, which is an average rate of growth. The number of jobs available in 2012 was 359,300, but statistics show that the industry will add an extra 29,800 retail management positions by 2022. Though a large number of people now shop online, there will always be a need for offline retail stores. Those shops will continue hiring new managers to keep up with the demands of their customers. Shops will also need managers capable of using the newest technologies required for taking and processing orders from customers.

Retail Manager Salary

The median national salary of all retail managers is $45,069. The highest paid managers work in the communications and electronics industries.