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Retail Sales in U.S. Decrease to End Weakest Year Since 2009

Sales at U.S. retailers declined in December to wrap the weakest year since 2009, raising concern about the momentum in consumer spending heading into 2016.

The 0.1 percent drop matched the median forecast of 84 economists surveyed by Bloomberg and followed a 0.4 percent gain in November, Commerce Department figures showed Friday in Washington. For all of 2015, purchases climbed 2.1 percent, the smallest advance of the current economic expansion.

The slowdown, including electronics stores, clothing merchants and grocers, indicates Americans probably preferred to sock away the savings from cheaper fuel instead of splurging during the holiday season. While hiring has been robust in recent months, faster wage gains remain elusive, one reason household spending may have a tougher time accelerating as the new year gets under way.

“There isn’t anything encouraging in this report,” said Thomas Simons, a money-market economist at Jefferies Group LLC in New York. “It’s very disappointing. The labor market is in good shape, which suggests the outlook is probably better than this.”

Estimates in the Bloomberg survey for retail sales ranged from a decline of 1 percent to a 0.3 percent advance. The November tally was revised up from a previously reported 0.2 percent increase.

Weak 2015

The increase for all of 2015 followed a 3.9 percent gain the prior year. It was the smallest advance since demand slumped 7.4 percent in 2009, when the recession ended in June of that year.

A separate report from the Labor Department showed inflation remained contained at the wholesale level. The producer price index decreased 0.2 percent in December from the prior month and was down 1 percent year-over-year.

The retail sales report showed six of 13 major categories showed declines in demand in December from the prior month, with a 1 percent slump at general merchandise stores that was the biggest since February, the report showed.

Receipts at gasoline stations dropped 1.1 percent. The Commerce Department’s retail sales data aren’t adjusted for prices, so lower fuel costs depress filling-station receipts.

Regular gasoline at the pump has dropped to a seven-year low, falling below $2 a gallon this week to reach $1.93 on Thursday, according to AAA, the biggest U.S. motoring group.

Clothing, Electronics

The retail report also showed sales decreased 0.9 percent at clothing chains and 0.2 percent at electronics stores.

Automobile dealers’ sales were little changed.

Industry figures earlier this month showed purchases of cars and light trucks came in at a 17.2 million annualized rate in December, the slowest since July, after an 18 million pace the prior month, according to Ward’s Automotive Group. Even so, industry sales data shows 2015 was a record year for automakers.

The figures used to calculate gross domestic product, which exclude categories such as food services, auto dealers, home-improvement stores and service stations, unexpectedly dropped 0.3 percent, the biggest decrease since February, after the prior month’s 0.5 percent increase in the so-called retail control group that was smaller than previously estimated.

Warm December

Warmer than usual weather last month probably curtailed purchases of winter gear including clothing. This was the warmest December on record for the contiguous U.S. according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Some economists may lower estimates for fourth-quarter gross domestic product and consumer spending following the retail sales results. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey shows household purchases rose at a 2.2 percent annualized rate from October through December, after a 3 percent pace in the prior three months.

Recent reports had signaled the November-December holiday season was a mixed one for retailers. Same-store sales fell in the two months for chains ranging from Macy’s Inc. to Best Buy Co. while those who snagged an increase included J.C. Penney Co. Same-store sales for the industry as a whole account for about 17 percent of total retail sales, which make up almost half of consumer spending.

Beige Book

“Growth of consumer spending ranged from slight to moderate in most Districts,” according to the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book economic survey based on reports from late November to early January by regional Fed banks. “Auto sales were somewhat mixed, as activity has begun to drop off from previously high levels in some Districts.”

Employers added 292,000 workers in December and payrolls for the previous two months were revised higher, the Labor Department reported last week. The jobless rate held at a more than seven-year low of 5 percent. Wages stagnated, with average hourly earnings unchanged from November and up 2.5 percent from a year earlier. They’ve been in the 2 percent range since the expansion began in 2009.

Before it’s here, it’s on the Bloomberg Terminal. LEARN MORE

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DVD Review: MADtv (The Complete Third Season)

The big moment that determines if a sketch comedy series is going to last is when their hot stars depart. When Chevy Chase split early on Saturday Night Live. not many people were heartbroken since Bill Murray easily filled his locker. Monty Python s Flying Circus only lasted one short season when John Cleese stepped away. MADtv faced a major cast turnover at the end of season two when Orlando Jones split and Artie Lange was fired. Who would fill their wigs? Somebody in the casting department earned their money by landing Will Sasso, Alex Borstein and Aries Spears. The new trio would quickly dominate the show with their various characters. The show itself changed in appearance. The guest stars were mostly reduced to being a celebrity in Cabana Chat with Dixie Wetsworth (Mary Scheer). The show wasn t trying to be Saturday Night Live Jr.. MADtv: The Complete Third Season captures a show that went up a level with the arrival fresh talent.

The season starts off with a good controversial sketch that gives Martin Luther King (Aries Spears) a shot on the Def Comedy Jam. The show predicts the lingerie bowl with their concept of the NB-TNA. This female basketball league wouldn t be confused with the WNBA. When Salt N Pepa arrives on Cabana Chat, the audience gets to meet new sidekick James Brown (Spears). Corky and the Juice Pigs appear several times with their comical songs. After being around for a decade, the Canadian group bust up after their time on MADtv. I m blaming the ghost of Artie Lange s demons on their demise. Willed Sasso wasn t haunted by being the new hefty comic on the show. He quickly made people forget about the troubled star who would go on to even more substance abuse issues. Sasso would later spoof Chris Farley on a COPS parody, another comic known for substance abuse. Sasso would deliver a spot on Kenny Rogers impersonation.

Alex Borstein quickly gained a following with her infuriating character of Ms. Swan. She knew how to drive people nuts rather fast. Borstein would go on to be heard as the voice of Lois on Family Guy. There were plenty of big stars in the first half of the season including Bret Hart, Howie Long, LaToya Jackson and Happy Day s Don Most. Pam Grier does more than a guest shot in the Cabana. She was out promoting Jackie Brown. She comes out for the opening and takes the lead in a sketch about black superheroes who don t get respect from the white Justice League. She also does the Cabana Chat.

Star Wars gets a little love in the second half of the season. Billie Dee Williams (Spears) promotes his new massage parlor that has a Lando Calrissian theme. How much for a full force release? Mark Hamill pops up on two episodes including one where he has to host a game show with Ms. Swan as the contestant. The legendary Phyllis Diller also double appears this season. She s best on The Kirk and Spock Variety Show. A shocker is Anna Nicole Smith arriving on Cabana Chat. She s at her sexy prime and doing her best to sound smart. This was not the woman who ended up on E! s Anna Nicole Smith Show. This would be the last season for the animated Spy Vs. Spy cartoons. The show would downplay any connection to Mad Magazine in the following season. But it didn t need to use the magazine for a persona since they had enough talent to exist as its own entity. Although in a strange twist, they would repeat segments from the first two seasons as Classic MADtv in a few episodes. This allowed the show to mix the old faces with their replacements. The new additions are a major reason why MADtv would last another 11 seasons on Saturday nights.

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. The show was shot on standard definition video so there s a bit of fuzz to the image. The audio is Dolby Digital stereo. The mix is focused on the dialogue track. The laughter doesn t cover up the jokes.

No bonus features.

MADtv: The Complete Third Season proved that the sketch comedy show could not merely survive a major cast change, but thrive. The arrival of Will Sasso, Alex Borstein and Aries Spears kept the show from being steamrollered by Saturday Night Live.

Shout! Factory presents MADtv: The Complete Third Season. Starring: Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Alex Borstein and Aries Spears. Boxset Contents: 25 episodes on 4 DVDs. Released: June 25, 2013. Available at .

About The Author

Joe Corey

Joe Corey is the author of “The Seven Secrets of Great Walmart People Greeters.” This is the last how to get a job book you’ll ever need. He was Associate Producer of the documentary “Moving Midway.” He’s worked as local crew on several reality shows including Candid Camera, American’s Most Wanted, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and ESPN’s Gaters. He’s been featured on The Today Show and CBS’s 48 Hours. Dom DeLuise once said, “Joe, you look like an axe murderer.” He was in charge of research and programming at the Moving Image Archive.

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Wine Industry Consumers: Join, Help, Fight!!

Posted by Tom Wark on Oct 9, 2009

It has been a while since I posted an update on the status of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association. the organization for which I happily serve as Executive Director and that is leading the effort to give wine stores and consumers the legal right to transact business with one another. So here goes.

In 2006 SWRA sued the state of Texas. Texas allowed its own wine stores to ship wine to Texans but prohibited out of state stores from doing the same. That s blatant discrimination and protectionist to-boot. In a Texas Federal District Court the judge said such discrimination was unconstitutional and sited the Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision from 2005. Wholesalers, distributors and the State of Texas didn t like the sound of this, so they appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

However, the Texas judge also declared that while that kind of discrimination is unconstitutional, Texas may require that all out of state wine stores wanting to ship wine to Texas consumers must first purchase their wines from Texas Wholesalers. That s impossible. SWRA Appealed .

At this moment we await a decision from the 5th Circuit. It could come any moment and many people are watching this decision very closely.

In the meantime, SWRA continues work to increase its membership, fund raise, lobby and educate consumers and the trade.

What s at stake? Today there are hundreds of thousands of wines available in the U.S. marketplace. But in any given state only a relatively small number of those wines are available to consumers. If they want to get them, they ll need to buy outside the state directly from wineries or from out-of-state retailers.

Thirty-Seven states now allow out-of-state wineries to ship wine to their consumers. But what happens when the winery is sold out of the wine? Well usually you can find the wine at a retailer in some state or at auction at a brick and mortar or on-line auction house. But only 13 states allow out-of-state wine stores to ship to their consumers.

What happens if you want an imported wine from Austria or France or Germany or Argentina or Madagascar or Israel, but it s not available in your state? You ll need to get on the Internet, do a little searching and find out which wine retailer has it in stock. But only 13 states allow out-of-state wine stores to ship to their consumers.

Which States allow their citizens to have wine shipped to them from out-of-state wine merchants? NH, VA, WV, LA, NE, ND, WY, NV, AK, OR, DC, NM, MO. Chances are, your state isn t on that list.

It should be obvious why this is a problem for consumers.

But why is it a problem for the Wine Industry?
For wineries, these restrictions and prohibitions on wine retailer shipping means a very simple thing: you don t sell as much wine. When retailers are prohibited from shipping into states, that means retailers don t sell as much of your wine. They don t reorder as quickly. And your brands don t get the wider exposure they need.

For wine stores that understand the Internet has created a national marketplace and who are inclined to take advantage of it as well as the increase in consumer interest in wine, these protectionist restrictions on shipping reduce your revenue, reduce the value of your business and brand and make it harder for you to make a living.

If you are a wine retailer that is taking orders on the net you SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF SWRA IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY! The dues are minimal: the equivalent of your wholesale cost on a case and a half of $30 or $40 srp wine. But beyond that, this is no time to sit on the sidelines as opponents of your right to sell wine legally and ship it to your customers are working to make sure you never get to access the real market for wine.


So who opposes the right for consumers to have wine shipped to them from out-of-state wine stores? Wholesalers and distributors. The Wine Spirit Wholesalers Association leads the charge, claiming minors will get their hands on alcohol and claiming that retailers can t be trusted to remit taxes.

The National Beer Wholesalers oppose retailer shipments too, claiming it will destroy the three tier system that mandates they too get a cut of nearly every bottle of beer sold in America, whether their services are needed or not.

Most state based wholesaler associations don t want you to have access to any wines their members don t bring into a state.

These are very powerful forces that give campaign donations like it s candy, that have extraordinary access to the halls of government and that masquerade as advocates for social safety while merely protecting their privileged position inside the three tier system.

SWRA remains the only trade and consumer organization in America dedicated to giving retailers and consumers the ability to transact business with each other efficiently and legally.

If you are a wine lover or wine retailer, isn t it time you stepped up and did something to help yourself and the industry?

As Plus-Size Fashion Gains Popularity, Retailers Play Catch-Up #music #retailers

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As Plus-Size Fashion Gains Popularity, Retailers Play Catch-Up

Originally published on July 9, 2015 8:30 am

If you’re a woman of a certain size, shopping for clothes can be a downer. Even though the average American woman is around a size 14, most department store racks are devoted to smaller bodies.

But that could be changing.

Plus-size actor Melissa McCarthy is about to launch her own clothing line. Another full-figured actor, Rebel Wilson, is designing one, too. Meghan Trainor’s smash hit “All About That Bass” is all about having more to love, and People magazine made headlines when it recently put size 22 model Tess Holliday on the cover.

There’s a plus-size movement afoot.

“We want more options in clothing and we want more representation of body types in the media,” Holliday said in an interview with NPR’s Here Now. “And I think it would be silly for major designers to not really care about the plus-size consumer, because we have money to spend.”

On a recent afternoon, there was plenty of foot traffic at Torrid in Gaithersburg, Md. It’s a chain known for offering the latest styles in plus sizes. Full-figured mannequins display lacy tank tops, fitted dresses with bold prints and bright colors, and even skinny jeans.

Aviva Copaken, 29, was at Torrid shopping for a new bathing suit. She said it’s the only place she likes to shop.

“It’s got really cute clothes that fit me, and I can just go do what I need to do, pick what I need to pick. And it’s great. It makes me feel normal,” she says.

Shopping just about everywhere else, she says, is exasperating.

“There’s nothing, basically,” she says. “I have no choices, and you feel like a minority.”

And yet she’s not.

“The industry has done a disservice to themselves by not offering some of those great choices for the plus-size consumer,” says Marshal Cohen, NPD retail analyst.

Despite the positive images of full-figured women in popular culture — fashion models, respected movie and TV stars — retail has generally not caught up. Cohen says major clothing stores aren’t eager to make a serious commitment to the plus-size market because it isn’t growing.

“Until the plus-size business grows at a rate greater than its current growth of 2 percent, they are going to wait. And that means that plus size is going to have to accelerate its growth rate closer to 4 and even 5 percent before the retailers are really going to embrace this,” Cohen says.

That neglect has been a gift for those apparel companies, like Torrid, that do embrace plus-size women.

Liz Munoz, senior vice president of design for Torrid, says that when she was growing up, she never found clothes she wanted to wear at the mall, so she learned to both design and sew them herself. Now she’s getting paid to do it.

“I have the very bad retailers and plus size when I was growing up to thank for my career,” she says. “We don’t make tentlike muumuus, which is what I had to face when I was growing up.”

Even veteran plus-size retailer Lane Bryant is trying to be more fashionable. Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley says he was thrilled to see the award-winning designer Isabel Toledo create a range of sophisticated garments for Lane Bryant.

“Trench coats, capri pants, fluid dressing, cocktail dresses that were absolutely wonderful — and it’s on point. It’s anything done for a person who would be wearing a size 8. And I think that probably has taken Lane Bryant in a new direction for its customer,” Talley says.

Many people reading this story might be thinking that a plus-size movement is not a good thing, given all of the very real health concerns around obesity. But Torrid senior designer Munoz says that’s a separate issue.

“We’re not here to encourage people to be bigger. We’re not here to encourage people to be overweight. I think we are addressing the reality of what is going on in our world,” Munoz says.

Online shopping tends to be how most plus-size consumers answer that perennial question: What should I wear? Sites like ModCloth and Simply Be offer more items in more sizes. Analyst Marshal Cohen says even the large department stores have more offerings on their websites than they do on the racks. For a lot of Americans, he says, in-store shopping is not a positive experience.

Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit

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Dallas Furniture Stores

sectional vs sofa Should you be shopping for a sectional or a sofa? Bassett Furniture explains the difference between the two, so you can figure out exactly what you need.

furniture arrangements for small living rooms Check out these examples of furniture arrangements for small living rooms and design tips on making the most of your small space.

help me arrange my living room furniture Need help arranging your living room furniture? If you re ready to breathe new life into your living room, check out these tips to arranging the perfect space.

narrow living room layout ideas Narrow living room layout ideas can be tricky, but by removing larger furniture in place of smaller pieces, you can keep your space inviting.

furniture arrangement bedroom When you re arranging your bedroom furniture, there are a few key things you ll want to do – and some you ll definitely want to avoid.

best furniture for grey walls Grey walls go with almost anything, but finding the perfect furniture for your rooms can be tricky. These are the best grey wall and furniture pairings.

When your living room has a fireplace and a TV, setting up a perfect arrangement with your furniture could mean the difference between clutter and comfort. An inviting living room design should be relaxing for guests as well as entertaining for family and friends alike. Organize your life with furniture that reflects your personality.

There are so many different types of furniture on the market today, and when you have a new empty house to fill, it can be overwhelming knowing which piece of furniture to choose. Knowing your options before you begin shopping can help you better plan the layout of each room you’re furnishing and inform your design and decorating habits!

Don’t settle for uncomfortable furniture! Bassett Furniture offers many different designs and styles, which are perfect for tall or small people looking for cozy, durable furniture. At Bassett Furniture, you can find the furniture to fit your size and preferences. We have furniture for short, tall, big, and small people whatever your size and the size of your space, we have the right furniture for you!

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Tag Archives: Nine Mile Falls WA

Wine Retailer Association Announces Name Changes and Expanded Area of Focus #retail #sign

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For Immediate Release April 24, 2013

Wine Retailer Association Announces Name Changes and Expanded Area of Focus

—National Association of Wine Retailers Expanding
Focus to Include New Areas of Concern to America’s Wine Retailers—

(Sacramento, CALIF)—The Specialty Wine Retailers Association (SWRA) announced today it is changing the organization’s name to the National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) to reflect an expansion of the trade association’s areas of interest and focus. While still advocating for the rights of retailers to ship wine directly to consumers, NAWR has expanded its advocacy interest to issue of Third Party Marketing, Primary Source laws, and Tied House regulations as well as an expanded interest in promoting proper Commerce Clause understanding as it relates to alcohol and the 21st Amendment.

Although SWRA was founded with the specific intent of asserting wine retailers’ rights to practice wine retailing free from state based discrimination, a host of new issues impacting how wine retailers conduct business in the 21st century have convinced the Board of Directors to expand its area of focus,” said Tom Wark, the NAWR Executive Director. “NAWR remains intent on forcing the issue of free, fair and non-discriminatory direct shipping via the courthouse and the state house, but is also expanding to assert retailers interest in a host of other areas.

The new NAWR has also launched a new website in association with the name change: The NAWR positions on a number of issues of concern to NAWR members and modern retailers are presented at the new website.

“Wine retailing in the United States has rapidly changed and evolved over the past decade to the point where changing consumer expectations, enhanced logistics technology and new retail marketing channels are forcing wine retailers to change how they do business,” noted Wark. “The new NAWR represents wine retailers who require a voice in the regulatory and political arena able to articulate their unique interests.”

Past Press Releases

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FUZZED: The Sliding Game

This week we have some smaller clay tournaments. There is a green clay tournament being held in Houston. Why do players use green clay as a warmup for the European clay court season? They are NOT the same surface. The only reason I can come up with is maybe they don t want or can t afford to go over there this early, and they figure green clay is better than hardcourts for preparation.

I play on green clay as well as hardcourts in New Orleans; you can t slide much on either, which is the key to a red clay game. So I didn t need much time to get used to green clay. You get a slower, higher bounce and have more difficulty changing directions, but not as much as on red clay. Still, someone who insists on a fast, inert surface and is not into some grinding for longer points will never be comfortable on green or red clay. A player who is not fit or goes crazy because the ball bounce will sometimes be funky might as well skip the red clay season. So what if you can serve aces on a hardcourt? On clay your balls will come back. Your biggest shots will come back, even smashes. Ya wanna volley? It ll take more than one to win the point. The biggest lesson is that the ball will keep coming back. Deal with it.

Green clay is made of Har-Tru, a mixture of crushed stone, rubber, and plastics. Har-Tru is faster and harder than red clay tennis courts, which are usually made of crushed red brick. So as far as pace goes, it s hard, green, and red, in descending order; as to height of ball bounce, it s the exact opposite.

Because the ball will bounce up higher on clay, players typically stand farther back to allow the ball time to drop lower before they hit it otherwise they end up taking the ball at shoulder height or higher; if you don t time it correctly and step into it early, your return will be weak or you mishit it. Whether you take it early or not, returing heavy top shot after shot gets very tiring, believe me. It s no wonder claycourters grunt and snort more than say, grasscourt serve volleyers. You almost never heard a peep from Pete Sampras. Rafa makes more noise than 10 of Pete.

It s also tiring to generate topspin, shot after shot, but since big topspin further enhances bounce and drives opponents even further back, this is the style favored by players raised on clay; they also like to follow such shots up with sneaky dropshots or short angles when their opponents are backed up.

So it s only logical that clay courters usually have well-developed legs and lungs from all that running and sliding around. When Pete was fading, he didn t have the wheels to stay out there, especially when he couldn t earn cheap points off his serve. He looked like a wounded animal. Then he d get to Wimbledon and turn into a different creature, like a fish returning to water.

The girls usually do better than the guys on different surfaces because all of them are used to grinding from the back and don t count on serving aces on any surface. Still, the players who can slide suavely TO the ball do better. Yanks run to the ball and then their feet slide around afterwards, as they try to change directions. NOT PRETTY.

About The Author

Lexa Lee

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Retail POS, Retail Retail Billing Software

Retail Retail Billing Software Features

Billing Miracle Version 4.0 software supports Tamil, Hindi and English currently able provide in following languages, Afrikaans (South Africa), Albanian (Albania), Arabic(U.A.E.), Armenian, Azeri, Basque, Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Chinese (Hong Kong SAR, PRC), Czech, Danish, Divehi (Maldives), Dutch (Belgium), Farsi (Iran), Finnish, French, Spain, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati(India), Hebrew, Hungary, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada(India), Kazakh, Konkani, Korean, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Malay (Malaysia), Marathi, Mongolian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Syria, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese Our Billing Management software provides Mass or Bulk SMS sending option for customer interaction and advertisement of your business or offer and promotion system available (Its needed GSM modem to send SMS) CRM feature enabled by Mass or Bulk Email sending option for customers or suppliers interaction and new letters advertisement to boost up your business User Access Permission (UAP) system is secures your information of business from unauthorized users and restricted user of our employees like Owner, Sales, Purchase and more controls Master information is totally maintained business needed things. Master acts with Company Setup, Supplier, Customer, Tax, and Discount then reflect with their relevant forms Supplier invoice management of their invoice number, product details, total cost, debit amount, credit amount and date Purchase Register, Purchase Return, Purchase History, Purchase Credit, Purchase Debit and Purchase Transaction Sales Register, Sales Return, Sales History, Sales Credit, Sales Debit and Sales Receipt Monitor of all of invoice with clear details Accounts Management of purchase accounts, sales account, and expense accounts with option to export customized XL Sheet or PDF Support varies size of prints like 3” inches, 4” inches, Japanese post card and standard A4 sheet and more by request. Standard print out for Inkjet printer, Dot Matrix printer and Laser Printer Available stock in and stock out by quantity also amount wise Pure profit and loss monitor Bar code reader for auto fetch product details then process to billing and its has option to generate bar codes for printing bar code labels

System Requirements

Processor. 32 bit, 64 bit. Operating System: Windows xp, vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Tools. SQL server 2008 R2, Crystal Report Run time 13.0.2

Retail Retail Billing Software USER LOG IN

Retail Retail Billing Software SUPPLIER REGISTER

Retail Retail Billing Software PURCHASE INVOICE


Retail Retail Billing Software SALES BY NAME

Retail Retail Billing Software SALES BY BAR CODE

Retail Retail Billing Software SALES ENTRY


Retail Retail Billing Software SALES PROFIT REPORT

Retail Retail Billing Software SALES DETAILED REPORT

Retail Retail Billing Software BAR CODE GENERATOR AND PRINTING

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Frank Mir is Begging for a Beating

Frank Mir says he s going to end Brock Lesnar s career:

“I m going to soon be the the destroyer of Brock Lesnar s legacy and career…. Obviously, I m slightly scared — just look at Brock … he is a scary guy. When he was beating me down I went to tap. Oh, well, that s right. Brock asked the referee to come over and save him! At [UFC 81] I wasn t really working with a jiu-jitsu coach. I was my own coach. I now have Demian Maia who is my head jiu-jitsu coach. My game has gone drastically to different levels. I thought I was actually good at it until I started rolling with him.

Frank Mir is a great fighter and a legitimate top five heavyweight at this point, but I have a feeling that he s playing with fire by mocking Brock Lesnar. I realize that 95% of whatever Lesnar and Mir say are strictly to build up the fight in July, but I also think that everyone in the world (including Mir) realizes that Lesnar had Frank in a lot of trouble and likely would have finished the fight if they hadn t been forced to stand up because of the punch to the back of the head.

And the punch to the back of the head is questionable as it is, because Lesnar threw a punch that Mir turned into; it was a single punch with zero warnings before the standup by Steve Mazagatti. That incident was one of many such mistakes by Mazagatti over the past two years, to the point where many fighters request that Mazagatti not be named as the official for their fights. Without that standup, I believe Lesnar would have finished Mir within ten or fifteen seconds, and Mir s comeback trail would have hit a sharp dead end that night.

Prior to the rematch being booked, Mir has gone on record as saying that Lesnar hits like a truck and is a legitimately scary fighter. Lesnar dropped Mir with a half-hearted jab, so Mir s current stance that Lesnar hits like a girl is obviously a ploy to build up the fight. It s a good idea to build up the fight, but it s probably not a good idea to anger Lesnar to the point where he actually wants to inflict some damage on you. Brock is scary enough as it is; giving him a reason to hold a grudge when stepping in the cage on July 11th just doesn t seem like the wisest of decisions.

Mir being coached by Demian Maia will certainly help his ground game, but Lesnar starting bringing world-class jiu-jitsu players into his camp after the Mir loss. The word out of his camp is that he s very difficult to submit these days, which means that Mir s big advantage is gone. The striking improvements Mir showed against Noguiera in December were more the result of Noguiera suffering from a staph infection and taking the fight when he was advised not to do so, resulting in him being sluggish and unable to properly defend himself.

Frank Mir obviously has the tools to beat Brock Lesnar, but any kind of chance he has in the rematch is going to rely on him being able to catch Lesnar in a mistake again. I don t see it happening.

The final two months leading into UFC 100 are going to be very interesting indeed.

About The Author

Jeremy Botter