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Retail Credit Cards and Department Store Credit Cards

Our credit cards articles, reviews and ratings maintain strict editorial integrity and are independent of whether a card is an advertiser (they are neither commissioned by nor reviewed, approved or endorsed by issuers); however we may receive compensation through the issuer’s affiliate programs when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. See details on how we make money here .

Many retail stores want to offer you a line of credit. But before you sign up to get 10% off your purchase and a free umbrella, you need to understand the effect that such cards can have on your credit both good and bad.

If you apply for a credit card today, you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase.

What diehard shopper wouldn’t be tempted?

Lately it seems that every consumer purchase is prefaced with an offer to apply for a credit card. Not Visas or MasterCards, but cards issued with a retail stores name on them for exclusive use at that store. J.C. Penney was one of the first retail stores to issue credit cards back in 1958. Since then, retail companies have recognized the profit to be made by operating their own credit card operations, as well as the instant punch in the arm to their marketing efforts. You’ve heard the spiel from the Gap, Kohl’s, J.C. Penney, Dillard’s, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Meijer’s, Banana Republic, Sak’s, Nordstrom’s, even Bloomingdales, and the list goes on and on.

The marketing hook?Discounts for the stores merchandise along with other perks.

As with most things there are pros and cons for consumers:

Department store credit cards can be a good way to establish credit.

      The requirements for retail cards are often less stringent than for major credit cards. Gerri Detweiler, founder of

The Ultimate Credit Guide

      agrees. A selective consumer can establish a positive credit history with retail store credit cards, which usually have lower credit limits and are therefore easier to obtain.
  • Special financing offers. Applying for a retail card sometimes helps you score same-as-cash deals for larger purchases such as computers, appliances or furniture, allowing you to pay smaller monthly installments with no interest for a period usually 6 or 12 months. Just be sure to pay off the full amount before the finance charge-free period comes to an end, advises Detweiler. If your payment is not made in full by the same-as-cash period end, finance charges will retroactively apply from the date of purchase.
  • Special savings events. Beyond introductory discounts, special savings events and sales just for the store credit card holders, there are often rewards programs where you can earn points for every dollar you spend on the store credit card, then cash the points in for, well, store credit.
  • High-flying APRs. The interest rates for department store credit cards are typically higher than major credit cards, usually found resting in the upper teens. The perks don’t always outweigh the finance charges, therefore, if you can’t discipline yourself to pay off your balance every month, retail store credit cards are not for you!
  • Open lines of credit affect credit history. The store clerk tells you that if you open up a line of credit today, you can get one year free financing on that sofa you just purchased! Well then, sign me up! you say. Before you know it, you can have 15 lines of credit open; often, you’ve only used these cards once or twice to take advantage of the perks and you soon forget you had them in the first place.

Detweiler says to be very selective when applying for retail cards: Limit yourself to one or two cards applied for during a six to twelve month period. Any more is considered a risk factor on your credit report.

Its a Balancing Act

So now that you know the pros and cons, how do you figure out if a retail store card is worth its weight? As always, you need to do a little math.

Find out what the APR rate is and add in any fees or minimum purchases required by the card. Then compare that with your potential store savings to make sure everything balances out. Are you going to have to spend more money than you normally would in order to earn the perks and discounts?

As an example: a typical card might have an APR of 19.80%, no annual fee and no minimum purchase requirements. The perks include 10% off your first in-store purchase and 10% off your first on-line purchase. You also get free shipping on all on-line purchases over $100. For every dollar that you spend in the store you earn one point; when you earn 350 points, you automatically receive a $15 reward card.

That’s a nice set of incentives. That’s also a lot of debt that you’re putting on a credit card in the name of discounted merchandise.

If this is a store that you frequently shop and you plan to pay off your credit card balance each month, you can enjoy these perks in the clear. However, if you carry a balance on your card, don’t even bother because a 19.80% APR on $350 trumps a $15 reward card every time.

Performing math is a lot to ask when you’re at the checkout counter with an armload of new purchases. But never sign on for a card without reviewing the fine print and finding out what you are signing up for. It might take away some of the fun of a shopping splurge, but in the long run you’ll be happier because you safeguarding your credit and the benefits of having good credit the ability to purchase a new home, for example. These things will bring you smiles down the road more so than will 10% off that hip outfit from the Gap which won’t be so hip in a few months anyway.

Please visit our card cards section to review our current ratings of various retail credit card offers.

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How is your credit?

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  • Research applicable systems when account information is incomplete.
  • Purge files to eliminate duplicated information.
  • Test system changes and upgrades by inputting new data and reviewing the respective output.
  • Secure information entered by completing database backups.
  • Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.

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Top 10 global retailers show modest growth in 2014

Top 10 global retailers show modest growth in 2014

New York – 25 September 2014 –Revenues for the world’s top 10 largest retailers reached $1.3 trillion in the last fiscal year (encompassing companies’ fiscal years ended through June 2014). This is a 2.9 percent change from the prior year indicating modest growth. The retailers have been ranked according to their fiscal 2013 net retail revenue in U.S. dollars. The average size of the top 10 retailers exceeded $129 billion according to the Global Powers of Retailing report from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), in conjunction with STORES Media.

Half of top 10 retailers are U.S.-based companies.

U.S.-based Walmart remained the world’s largest retailer, with retail revenue totaling 4.5 times that of its nearest competitor. Costco moved into second place in 2013 from third in 2012, continuing its ascent up the ranking. Carrefour, Schwarz Group, Tesco and Kroger – ranked in marginal descending order – all achieved 2013 retail revenues of $98+ billion. In 2013, Carrefour assumed third place, barely edging out Schwarz Group, which moved up two spots into fourth place. Tesco dropped from second place in 2012 to fifth in 2013 as a result of both declining sales and a weaker British pound against the U.S. dollar. Sixth-ranked Kroger may overtake all three of these companies in the future as a result of its January 2014 acquisition of Harris Teeter Supermarkets, which had revenues of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 2013.

“Retail revenue growth in 2013 was modest. This was due to a number of contributory factors such as weakness in the global economy and rising market share for internet retailers,” said Dr. Ira Kalish, DTTL Chief Global Economist. “As for the global economy, 2013 saw a tightening of fiscal policy in the US, which included tax increases. In Europe, the fallout from the Eurozone debt crisis continued with governments implementing austerity measures, unemployment staying high, and credit conditions remaining restrictive. And in the UK, real wages continued to decline,” said Kalish.

Further down the top 10 table, Metro maintained its ranking as the world’s seventh largest retailer. Aldi overtook Home Depot on the back of a stronger euro compared with 2012. Tenth-ranked Target retained its position among the Top 10.

Optimal retailer size appears to be $100bn range?

“The global retail industry is going through an interesting period of change; particularly as technological innovation continues to take pace,” says Vicky Eng, DTTL Global Sector Leader, Retail. “For the first time, in the top 10 ranking we are seeing a large number of grocery businesses that are clustered just under the $100 bn range,” said Eng. “The breakaway leader of this pack will be the one with the retail beyond foresight to embrace exponential innovation. Increasingly that will be the key to future success in retail.”

Top 10 global retailers

Top 10 retailers worldwide, 2013

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Admin Receptionist jobs

Hays Office Support has an excellent track record of placing experienced staff in UK administration and receptionist jobs, providing valuable opportunities for professionals and employers alike.

Administration and Receptionist roles are fundamental to the smooth running of an organisation. Our experts understand flexibility, outstanding organisation skills, problem solving skills and an ability to communicate with colleagues at all levels of seniority are key to maintaining an efficient central support.

With this knowledge on what is involved to succeed in an admin or receptionist role we are in a leading position to provide you with career advice and guidance to help with your professional goals. Meet one of our consultants at your nearest office to receive our specialist service. We have offices across the UK. from London to Reading as well as Sheffield to Manchester so you can be confident to find a job local to you.

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Topic Centers

Today’s customer is smarter and better informed than ever before, and smart retailers take advantage of this by empowering those customers to do and learn more. Assisted selling devices give power to the people, right in the aisle.

In an era of increased mobility, consumers expect access to products and services anytime, anywhere. This need creates new opportunities for that are available twenty-four hours a day.Consumers require the highest level of convenience. Kiosks are usually a turn-key solution with the necessary hardware, technology and services required to maintain an automated, small-footprint retail store. Consumers select products using touchscreen interfaces and pay for purchases.

Self-service bill payment kiosks enable consumers to pay electric, water, cable, phone and other bills at convenient retail locations. Bill payment kiosks are often used by unbanked consumers and those who simply prefer to pay bills in cash.

This unique event is an extraordinary opportunity for retailers to get together in a casual setting and learn from one another. The interactive sessions delve deep into topics that are on the minds of retailers today, and the Summit’s format allows the collective wisdom “in the room” to be distilled into concrete, actionable ideas that retailers take home with them.

Shopping is about more than just buying things. It’s a complex relationship between buyer and seller, one that impacts the shopper on a psychological level. Understanding the mental processes behind customer behavior will give you a better chance of successfully reaching those customers.

Nothing is more memorable than good customer service – except, perhaps for poor customer service. Learn how to motivate and empower your staff to make your customers feel every bit as important as they are.

Consumers – and retailers – have a heightened sense of awareness toward data security, thanks to a flurry of recent breaches at prominent stores. Keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques for protecting your customers and your data.

In today’s retail world, merchandising must be more intelligent and deliberate than ever before. Digital merchandising tools allow retailers and brands to influence every touchpoint the product has with the consumer, from in-store to online to mobile.

Retail is a fertile ground for new technology, and digital signage is changing the way retailers market themselves. Large-screen displays at the point of decision educate customers and move them into higher-end products; small screens throughout the store allow merchandisers to differentiate their offerings; and a holistic digital approach to in-store experience design allows for a new world of branding possibilities.

Display technology moves at the speed of light — literally. New innovations enable brighter displays, better interactivity, and an improved relationship between your business and your customers.

Retail employees are on the front lines of the battle; their abilities to take care of your customers often makes the difference between success and failure. Training those employees properly is one of the most important things a retailer ever does.

From dynamic signage to printed marketing materials to audio, you have a lot of opportunities to connect with your customers while they are in your store. Make the most of all of them by choosing media intelligently, planning it for maximum impact, and deploying it in a fashion that is profitable for you and pleasing for the shopper.

Interactive displays empower customers to get involved — from touchscreens to mobile devices to kiosks, adding interactivity to a digital signage network opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer.

As silent salespeople, kiosks do much more than simply provide a service once performed by a human being. Depending on their design, kiosks can help maintain brand identity and help inspire brand loyalty. This research center offers advice on how to maximize the branding potential of a kiosk deployment.

KioWare secures your tablets, pcs, phones to protect them from malicious or inadvertent damage. Avoid data breaches, kiosk downtime and security vulnerabilities in your retail establishment by using KioWare kiosk software to lockdown your public access devices.

It’s no longer enough to offer great products at fair prices. Retailers today must know their customer, and give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Rare is the retailer that can simply open its doors and the world beats a path. More often, store traffic is the result of careful and deliberate marketing efforts, aimed at making customers want to shop. It’s an enormous part of the retail business, and one that requires constant attention and honing.

Products strewn across shelves aren’t appealing to customers, no matter how great those products are. Careful design of where products go, how they interface with the rest of the environment and their relationships with other products are all important aspects of building a great in-store experience for shoppers.

Many kiosks are devoted to a single task, but others are true multi-taskers — dispensing product information and store directions one minute, dispensing cash or gift cards a minute later. Building and deploying an effective multi-function kiosks requires a combination of user interface design, technical prowess and IT integration skills.

Today’s customer doesn’t just shop in one place, nor in just one fashion. Retailers need to reach their customers across many channels — in the store, through the mail, and online — in order to thrive.

The Internet boom changed the way people shop, and today it is rare to find a retailer that does not have an online presence of some sort. But online sales are very different from real-world sales — and making sure the experience is consistent with in-store is crucial.

It’s all about the money, and retailers that make it easy for their customers to pay for products and services increase their chances of making the sale. Payment technology is constantly evolving, too, meaning that retailers need to keep both themselves and their in-store systems up-to-date.

Are your retail operations compliant with the PCI DSS specification? If the answer is no – or, “I don’t know” – these resources will help you understand what the specification means, and how to begin the process for your company.

Customers are making purchase decisions all the time — at home reading a magazine or watching television, at the office on the Internet, and in the store environment. Smart point-of-purchase strategies aim to influence the latter of those three, giving customers what they want and educating them about things they didn’t know they wanted.

Often the heart and soul of retail IT, the point-of-sale system is a mission-critical technology tool for every retailer. Learn how to choose the right POS, how to plan for upgrades, and how to take it to the next level by integrating it with other store systems.

Why have an employee check out one customer, when they can be helping four at once? Self-check-out is rapidly winning over customers, and saving tons of money in the process.

Social media is changing the way retailers, brands and consumers interact. Learn how retailers are putting Facebook, Twitter and other social tools to work for them.

For every niche and need, there is a retailer. Those niches might not be huge in and of themselves, but great profits can be reaped by meeting one very particular need better than anyone else.

The modern retail is experience is about more than buying products. It’s about the feeling the customer gets from being in your store, the way it makes them feel, and how it addresses the person they want to be. This doesn’t happen by accident — world-class store design can positively impact the customer experience, but only when that design is done deliberately and with great care.

One of the few things all humans share is the need for sustenance, making the supermarket one of the rare universal shopping experiences. But smart grocers can differentiate themselves by making the experience spectacular — few retailers have a product that is so well loved and needed by everyone, and intelligent use of marketing, ambiance, store design and aroma can make it an experience people are eager to have.

The modern retail store is a high-tech place, even if the products it carries are decidedly low-tech. From inventory management to point-of-sale to digital merchandising, the technology behind the retail experience can be incredibly complex. Use this research center as a quick way to keep up-to-date with what is new and exciting in retail technology.

The Retail Customer Experience “Top 100 Retail 2015” highlights the companies, people, issues and trends that are shaping the future of retail. Are you on the list?

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Secretarial, PA Admin jobs

  • Swindon
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Office Angels are recruiting for an Administrator working for Nationwide located in Wakefield House in Old Town. This is working Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. This is a 48 week contract paying between £12-£15 a hour (dependant on experience). Job Purpose Manage monitor multiple diaries – moving.

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  • Temporary, full-time
  • 8.71 – 9.23 per hour
  • 5 applications

My client based on the Team Valley Trading Estate is looking for a Sales Administrator with experience of using Sage. to join them on a 6 month temporary basis. This is a full time role with the hours of Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm, Friday 8:00am to 2:30pm and a pay rate of £8.71-9.23 per hour.

  • Weybridge
  • Permanent, full-time
  • Salary not specified
  • 0 applications

An established market leader within their market place are looking for a Sales Support and Quotations Co-ordinator to work on a permanent basis. The role is to provide support to the Quotations Sales Support team, preparing quotations and handling telephone enquiries from customers. Providing.

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The World’s Largest U.S. Retail Chains

Updated September 15, 2016

The U.S. maintains it dominance in global retailing on the 2014 list of all world s largest U.S. retail chains. With seven new American retail chains joining the world s largest retailer list, now 33% of the 250 largest retail companies in the world are based in the United States, according to the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report, which is published each year by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine .

Not only is the retail industry the largest industry in the U.S. retail chains founded in the U.S. are aggressively expanding their retail operations overseas and are becoming more visible, more prevalent, and more dominant on the global retailing stage.

The U.S. companies ranked on this world’s largest list vary somewhat from the annual Fortune 500 list, which is generally focused on publicly traded U.S. retail companies. Included in this global ranking are privately-held companies, as well as government retail operations. Also, the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report is based on 2012 revenue figures, so it lags behind the latest Retail Fortune 500 rankings. What the annual Global Powers reports do provide, however, is a global ranking number which provides comparative perspective on retailing trends worldwide.

While the global ranking of the largest U.S. retail chains usually remains relatively unchanged from year to year, there were big shifts in the rankings of the 2014 World s Largest Retailers on the Global Powers list.

Some of those big shifts moved the largest U.S. retail chains up in the global retailing ranks, and some of those changes from last year s reports moved U.S. retailers down and off the list of world s largest.

None of the most dramatic year-over-year changes for U.S. retailers on the 2014 Global Powers list will be surprising to anyone who closely follows the U.S. retail industry.

But the value of the Global Powers list each year is in having an easy reference which reveals how changes in the U.S. retail industry compare to changes with retail industries in countries around the world.

The most significant changes between the 2013 and 2014 Global Powers reports for the largest U.S. retail chains were:

  • Costco became a member of the Top Five Retail Chains in the World club, jumping ahead of Kroger into the #3 position. Kroger maintained its #5 ranking from last year s world s largest list.
  • Amazon rose 7 ranking positions, making it into the top twenty of all retailers in the world in terms of revenue. During the same comparable fiscal year, rival Best Buy s revenue fell, dropping the chain out of the exclusive 20 largest retail chains in the world rankings
  • Seven U.S. retail chains have been included on the 2014 Largest U.S. Retail Chains list, including Michaels, Nike, Demoulas Super Markets, Susser Holdings, Belk, Alberson s and Stater Holdings.
  • Bass Pro Shops is the only U.S. retail chain that dropped off the 2014 list and is no longer one of the 250 largest U.S. retail chains in the world.

    Click to see more details about year-over-year changes for the largest U.S. retail chains

    What follows is a complete list of the U.S. retail chains that were ranked on the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing list. The number in the left column is the global ranking number assigned to the company, based on its sales figures, compared to other top retail organizations worldwide.

    Complete 2014 Largest U.S. Retail Chains List

    This is a list of the 2014 Top 100 U.S. based retail companies included on the World s Largest Retailers list published each year by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine. This list of the largest U.S. retail chains is arranged according to the ranking each of the biggest and best U.S. retail companies received on the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report, based on retail sales revenue for FY 2012.

    The number in the left column is the global ranking number assigned to the company, compared to the other largest retail chains and companies worldwide. Use the links to find out more about the news, jobs, and retailing information for each of these Top 100 U.S. based retail companies. More rankings of the largest U.S. retail chains are included on the next page.

    2014 Top 100 Largest U.S. Based Retail Companies on World’s Largest Retailers List:

    5 The Kroger Company

    99 Liberty Interactive Corporation (QVC)

    More 2014 Top 200 U.S. Retail Chains on the 2014 World s Largest Retailers List

    See also. What is the Largest Single Retail Store in the World?

    More About the World s Largest Retailers in North America:

    More About the Global Retail Industry:

    World s Largest Retail Stores:

    When comparing the retail sales revenues of the largest retail chains in the world, it s no surprise that a significant number of the world s largest retail chains are based in the U.S. Ross, Family Dollar, GameStop, and PetSmart are just some of the largest U.S. retail chains where American consumers look to not only for brick-and-mortar and website shopping, but also for retail jobs. and retail investments.

    While the Top 200 biggest American retail chains might not be as familiar as the Top 100 around the world, they are well known national and regional retail chains that American consumers have put onto the annual 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report, which is based on FY 2012 retail sales revenue figures.

    What follows is a list of the biggest American retail chains that are ranked as being some of the largest retail chains in the world in terms of annual retail sales revenue. Use the links to find out more about retail jobs, investments, and website shopping for each of these Top 200 retailers. This list is arranged according to the ranking each retail chain received, when compared to all of the largest retail chains in the world on the 2014 Global Powers report. The number in the left column is the revenue ranking number, relative to a total of 250 of the world s largest retailers.

    2014 Biggest American Retail Sales Revenues – Top 200 on the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing Report:

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    Coupon Find Canada

    Coupon Find helps Canadian shoppers find all the coupons for their favourite stores.

    You can search for a coupon from all the coupons posted from Grocery Alerts so you have access to a large database of coupons (everything from Manufacturer coupons, printable coupons, to exclusive store coupons).

    Use this app at the store to take advantage of any last minute deals and some of the mobile coupons can be scanned right at the register.

    • All coupons available from
    • Search for a coupon
    • Browse coupons from stores across Canada
    • Completely Free!

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. WiFi or 3G network connection required.


    Use this app at the grocery store to take advantage of any deals and remember that some of the mobile coupons can be scanned right at the register to save you paper (Shoppers Drug mart, Save on Foods, Safeway, Bulk Barn).


    Version 1.0

    Released on June 12, 2013

    • NEW Initial Release


    Press Release

    Canadian Coupon Finder App Released to App Store

    Canadian grocery coupon website, has launched a mobile application that allows Canadians to quickly find available coupons for their grocery shopping trip.

    Available for both Apple iPhone/iPad, the app displays all the store coupons from major stores like Bulk Barn, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Save on Foods, Rexall, Whole Foods, and Lawton Drugs. This allows easy coupon redemption at the cash register at your favourite store.

    “I wanted to have a simply application that let users search by category (beverage, snack, dairy coupons) and showed all coupons available for a certain store,” said founder, Steven Zussino. “The redemption of a mobile store coupon is easy, just simply display the coupon on your phone to the cashier.”

    The app has search functionality, allows browsing by coupon category, store, and Canadian coupon provider.

    About Grocery Alerts was created by Steven and Lina Zussino to help Canadians save money on groceries. The site has been running since 2009 and has over 120,000 readers each month and more than 22,000 email subscribers. The site provides grocery coupons, grocery deals and shows Canadians how to stretch their budget.


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    Disney Pixar s Cars: Disney/Pixar; not including elements owned by third parties: MACK ; Mercury
    Marvel. Lucasfilm LTD.
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    Retailers to watch in 2016 – Business Insider #cover #letter #retail

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    The top retailers to watch in 2016

    As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about who to watch next year.

    These retailers should be on your radar in 2016.

    Some brands are coming back from rough years and are promising turnarounds.

    Others have demonstrated explosive growth and will likely continue to thrive in the new year.

    And some of these brands are popular with teens — the next generation of consumers.

    Keep an eye out for what these brands do next year.

    View As: One Page Slides


    A customer exiting the Niketown store in midtown Manhattan in New York. Thomson Reuters

    Nike has continued to grow explosively. There’s no stopping this brand — it’s the biggest apparel retailer in the US, and it’s beloved by young people .

    The brand continues to innovate and explore new depths of technologically enhanced apparel. proving that it’s crucial to always have an eye on the brand to see what it has up its thumbholed -sleeves.

    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

    This fall, Abercrombie was slated to be the comeback story of 2015. With a much more appealing selection — and a hat tip from the fashionable blog The Man Repeller — the company seemed to be on the right track. Comparable sales for the retailer’s namesake store are still down, but the decline has been slowing down and beating analysts’ expectations — all of which are promising for the brand. Perhaps 2016 will be the year it fully executes a turnaround.


    The Gap store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Thomson Reuters

    Gap has been in dire straits for most of this year, between shuttering stores and sad earnings reports. However, on an earnings conference call this August, CEO Art Peck said we’ll see evidence of a turnaround come spring 2016 — so we should keep our eyes peeled.

    J. Crew

    J. Crew is another brand that has been on the down-and-out this year. But in the middle of this year, a major corporate shakeup pulled Madewell’s Somsack Sikhounmuong over to J. Crew. We’ll see his big debut at Fashion Week in February 2016.

    Still, J. Crew’s spring/summer 2016 show demonstrated promise and improvement. This fall, the company already proved that it was getting back to its roots with quality basics.

    Adore Me

    Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

    Adore Me has been demonstrating exponential growth. The company, which was named Inc.’s No. 2 retail company and No. 14 overall company on its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, is growing at a lightning-fast pace. Inc. notes that the company has grown 15,606%. This is right on track with what Adore Me’s director of business and brand development, Sharon Klapka, told Business Insider in this summer — that its goal is to “slay Victoria’s Secret.”

    Sweaty Betty

    Sweaty Betty — Lululemon’s more expensive, London-based competitor — is expanding rapidly and threatening Lululemon’s turf.

    The company now has expanded its UK empire to the US — and only in upscale, trendy neighborhoods. Sweaty Betty currently has units in Greenwich, Connecticut; Manhattan’s trendy Soho neighborhood, and Manhattan’s fitness-obsessed Flatiron neighborhood.

    Bloomingdale’s in New York City and Short Hills also sell Sweaty Betty products. A store recently opened up in Los Angeles, and more are opening up in California.


    Earlier this year, Racked asked if Everlane was “the new J. Crew.”

    Everlane has been around for a few years, but the brand has been gaining more traction as radical transparency — one of the brand’s core tenets — has been gaining popularity among consumers. Its direct-to-consumer model helps keep prices competitive.

    Shop Jeen

    When Business Insider met with the company’s filterless CEO. Erin Yogasundram, this fall, she said she was meeting with investors to potentially fund her already-successful internet retailer.

    The company has been subject to ample criticism, but its target demographic — teens who speak the language of the internet — love it, and Yogasundram’s commitment to being herself is laudable.


    Topshop has already taken the UK by storm, and it has several outposts in fashionable cities in the US.

    But in April 2016, Topshop will debut its athleisure partnership with Beyoncé. and nothing brings people together like Beyonc é.


    Primark wins the limbo contest of “how low can you go” in fast fashion. The company’s first US location debuted this year, and it has plans for expansion. Will Primark dethrone Forever 21 in 2016?

    Under Armour

    Under Armour had an explosive year — it had its first billion-dollar quarter this fall. The company prides itself on its underdog ethos. but it might not be an underdog for much longer. The brand is growing at a rapid pace and is quickly catching up to Nike .


    Timberland is on track to nearly double its revenue by 2019, which means we’ll likely be seeing some growth in 2016. Timberland’s president, Stewart Whitney, told Business Insider in an interview that the brand has seen tremendous growth by zeroing in on a specific customer — someone he calls the “outdoor lifestyler.”

    Limited Too

    Yes — it’s coming back from the dead. This summer, news broke that the retailer that was popular among tween girls in the ’90s would return come 2016. The women who grew up wearing the glittery, butterfly-adorned apparel are too old for the clothes now, so will nostalgia draw them back? Will their kids shop there? We’ll have to see.

    C. Wonder

    C. Wonder will make its grand return on QVC come 2016. The brand had announced it was closing its doors earlier this year. But Xcel brands acquired it this year, and now the easy-on-the-eyes Brad Gorseki will serve as the company’s new creative director.


    Adidas has been working to improve its sales after falling behind Under Armour. It certainly helps to have Kanye West on board with his extremely popular Yeezy Boosts. The company has been making an effort to push its US sales to catch up to its competitors.

    Brandy Melville

    Brandy Melville has continued to gain popularity with young people. Its models are Instagram stars. The brand, however, has experienced ample controversy for its “one size fits most” sizing policy — that size isn’t “most,” it’s “thin.”


    Aerie’s comparable sales have been consistently positive, and in its most recent quarter, comparable sales were up 21%. This is largely attributable the brand’s noble campaign, Aerie Real. which forgoes Photoshop.

    ” We are seeing more and more opportunity to strengthen the emotional connection with today’s young woman. Our customers believe in what we stand for. Aerie Real and untouched models are the core to our brand DNA,” brand President Jennifer Foyle said on a recent earnings call.

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