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An A to Z of UK High Street Retailers

Here’s a little exercise that your students might find interesting. The challenge is to come up with an A to Z of well-known retailers operating in the UK. The task is much harder when done alone and without research materials (aka wikipedia). It would make a good timed group exercise. Which group can complete the list first? Or which group can complete the most letters with legitimate retailers in a specific time (e.g. ten minutes).

Here is our latest list – which we are updating based on the suggestions you add to the comments box below, or email through to us.

We have tried to exclude businesses which, whilst they are on the high street, are not really retailers (e.g. banks, wine bars).

A follow-up activity would be to get the students to group their suggestions in terms of categories:

e.g. Product range, High Street v out of Town, Upmarket/Discount, fashion retailers only…

A Asda, Accessorize, Aldi, Ann Summers, Austin Reed, Argos, Ainsleys, Alexon, Allders, Allsports, Adams
B Barratt Shoes, Boots, Budgens, Bakers Oven, B
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Warehouse Manager Job Description Sample #retail #cover #letter

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Warehouse Manager Job Description Sample

This warehouse manager sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Warehouse Manager Job Responsibilities:

Provides materials, equipment, and supplies by directing receiving, warehousing, and distribution services; supervising staff.

Warehouse Manager Job Duties:

  • Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  • Complies with federal, state, and local warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
  • Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
  • Controls inventory levels by conducting physical counts; reconciling with data storage system.
  • Maintains physical condition of warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts; inspecting equipment; issuing work orders for repair and requisitions for replacement.
  • Achieves financial objectives by preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
  • Completes warehouse operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
  • Maintains warehouse staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Maintains warehouse staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Warehouse Manager Skills and Qualifications:

Supervision, Developing Budgets, Safety Management, Developing Standards, Managing Processes, Surveillance Skills, Inventory Control, Reporting Skills, Analyzing Information. Equipment Maintenance, Judgment

Learn more about how to hire:

Best Mens Clothing Stores – Top Mens Clothes Shops #books #retail

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The Great Men’s Stores of America

1. Outdoor Wear

Because since opening seventy-one years ago as a trading post where men could swap beaver pelts for buckshot, it’s grown to carry more than 1,500 brands. From golden oldies like Woolrich to the latest from Patagonia and the North Face, it’s got whatever you’re looking for.

See also: The luxurious safari gear at J. L. Powell in Three Oaks, Michigan and the rock-solid outdoor wear at C. C. Filson in Seattle.

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2. Specialty

939 Rush Street, Chicago

Because in a city as big as Chicago, it took two guys with great taste (Jim Wetzel and Lance Lawson) to boil down the best contemporary men’s wear to one compact space. Jake proves that it’s not the size of the store that counts it’s the selection.

See also: The curated stacks at Maxfield in Los Angeles (310-274-8800) and the latest from emerging designers at Odin in New York .

3. Single Designer

315 Bowery, New York City

Because this space, formerly home to CBGBs, has become one man’s celebration of rock ‘n’ roll style, and in addition to his own designs, Varvatos sells vintage T-shirts and vinyl records at punk-friendly prices. The store gives his clothes context and meaning, and vice versa.

See also: The witty stylings at Paul Smith in Los Angeles and the rugged designs at Rogues Gallery in Portland, Maine.

4. Shoes

971 Madison Avenue, New York City

Because it offers bespoke, made-to-measure, and ready-to-wear shoes with patinations, perforations, and tattoos yes, tattoos that you won’t find anywhere else. And because of Bweela Steptoe, the lovely, felicitously named in-store polisher who can change the shading of your shoes before your very eyes.

See also: The well-edited selection of brands at Leather Soul in Honolulu and the righteous, handcrafted styles of J. M. Weston in New York.

5. Shirts and Ties

9551 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

Because its service and selection epitomize the quality-is-everything ethos that makes every customer feel like a king. Whether you’re a bespoke guy (4,500 fabric choices) or a ready-to-wear guy (dozens of options in the store alone), it has a shirt for you.

See also: The edgier fits at Seize sur Vingt in New York and the British flair of Turnbull Asser in Los Angeles.

6. Department Store

745 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Because, from the Charvet and Loro Piana ministores on the first floor to the Michael Bastian and Thom Browne alcoves on the third, it offers the best of the best under one manageably large roof. In a world where everything is labeled luxury, this place is the real deal.

See also: The high-low mix at the latest Barneys satellite in Dallas and the more traditional stable at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco.

7. Chain Store

546 Broadway, New York City

Because the clothes are contemporary (but not too contemporary) and the staff is helpful (but not too helpful). And though there’s but one lonely Uniqlo in the U. S. right now, they’ve got plans to bring one of their immaculately designed stores to a city near you.

See also: The new and improved denim and khaki at the Gap and the racks of designer wear at Century 21 .

8. Tailoring

346 Madison Avenue, New York City

Because it’s the oldest branch of a serious brand and its tailors take tradition seriously. They are not, however, slaves to it: They also offer digital tailoring, a process whereby a man’s body is scanned by a computer, and on the top floor there’s a pool table and a TV for your viewing pleasure.

See also: The stellar lineup of European and American designers at Syd Jerome in Chicago and the old-school charms of Oxxford in New York City.

9. Vintage

19 Thayer Street, Boston

Because Bobby, the owner, searches the globe for preworn Savile Row suits and classic American work wear and restores them to mint condition. And because he does it better than anyone else.

See also: The offerings at Re-Runs in Kansas City, Missouri, and American Rag in Los Angeles.

10. All-American

262 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut

Because when Jacob Press set up shop on the Yale campus back in 1902, he believed a man could never own too many three-button sack suits, button-down shirts, and repp ties. It’s still the high temple of conservative American style, and it is good.

See also: L. L. Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, Maine, and the classic tailoring of Paul Stuart in Chicago.

British retailers going global #apply #for #retail #jobs #online

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British retailers going global

Marks Spencer’s announcement of a major expansion into China comes just as Tesco launches its Fresh Easy chain in California. Both must learn from British retailers’ previous misadventures overseas. By Karen Attwood

The lure of the overseas market has proved irresistible to many a UK retailer, but not all have returned home to a hero’s welcome. Marks Spencer unveiled a £2bn expansion plan a decade ago to establish a “truly global business” but just three-and-a-half years later it had to beat an embarrassing retreat, closing its flagship Paris store, which had been open since 1974, and selling off menswear chain Brooks Brothers that it had bought in the US in 1988.

The US market has proved notoriously difficult to crack for UK plc and retailer after retailer has returned licking its wounds. But times have changed, lessons have been learnt, the world has become smaller and the consumer more globally aware. Furthermore, the opportunities presented by the rapid expansion of emerging markets seem too good to miss.

M S yesterday revealed it is to make a foray into China with one or two stores planned for Shanghai next year, capitalising on the growing affluence of the city’s middle-class. The announcement came in the same week that Tesco, the UK’s most successful supermarket, launches its assault on the US with six stores under the Fresh Easy brand, and 50 planned for the year end.

As two very British retailers place their bets on new markets it is important to ask what have they learnt from past mistakes. Will the outcome be different this time around?

M S’s chief executive Stuart Rose yesterday batted away criticisms about the company’s latest overseas plans calling it “a natural progression” following the retailer’s remarkable recovery in the UK under his sure-footed leadership.

“We made some mistakes before but you wouldn’t be a successful business if you didn’t,” he said. Likening the past to a car crash, he added: “It is not the case that you never get in the car again, you get back in and start a new journey. North America was a disaster but Europe wasn’t a disaster.”

If he had been in the top post a year earlier, he would have not withdrawn from Europe, Mr Rose said. “Europe was doing badly because the mothership was doing badly,” he added.

The City is broadly positive on M S’s plans. As Matthew McEachran, retail analyst at Kaupthing, Singer Friedlander points out: “They will not plunge straight in. They will dip their toe in first.”

Of course, M S already has a significant overseas presence with 257 stores in 36 countries but these are largely franchise stores. It plans to enter China on a wholly owned basis, which presents greater risk but will lead to a bigger prize.

Leveraging off its existing presence in Hong Kong, where it owns eight stores, and Taiwan, where it operates through a joint venture, M S will focus on fashion and homeware, rather than food. The retailer also plans to up its investment in India, where it already has 12 franchise stores. “We cannot ignore the two big emerging economies,” Mr Rose said. Overall, the company sees its international operations’ contribution to group revenues jumping from 7 per cent to 15 to 20 per cent within five years.

Jonathan Gabay, a branding specialist from brandforensics, believes the time is right for M S to make its move on China. “The company is stronger than ever. The booming middle classes in China are obsessed with all things Western.”

Tesco is, of course, a different story. Already a proven success in 11 markets, including China, Japan, Thailand, Poland and Czech Republic, it now has its sights set on the States. Its strategy is aggressive. Stores expansion is to be rapid – 200 are expected to be up and running next year. And importantly, though other high profile UK failures in the US have often come following an acquisition, Tesco is building the business from scratch.

Paul Clarke, the head of Barclays retail and wholesale division, said one of the problems in the past was that UK retailers went overseas with an attitude of “knowing it all” and the belief they could repeat their successes in international markets without a real understanding of consumer differences.

“Tesco has done its homework. Tim Mason, who heads the US operations, says his team has been planning the California opening for two years. Philip Dorgan, an analyst at Panmure Gordon who believes the US venture will be a success, points out that Tesco has been researching the US grocery market for 20 years and has turned down many acquisition opportunities during that time.

“It has built a mock-up store in a warehouse and tested it on consumers and has also sent researchers to live with families in order to accurately measure their living and consumption habits,” he said.

And Tesco is not going head-to-head with US giants, such as Wal-Mart, but has instead identified a gap in the market. Mr Mason said this week: “Our objective is to produce a local neighbourhood store committed to providing fresh wholesome food at affordable prices.”

The early signs from a soft launch at Hemet, in California, last week were positive, he said. Employing 20 to 30 people, the neighbourhood markets are smaller than the typical US supermarket and aim to offer fresher foods at lower prices and a large range of ready meals, which are not done particularly well in the US right now.

Nick Gladding, at Verdict Research, said: “This format doesn’t exist in the US. Tesco is so successful because it has been very responsive to customers. It understands what customers want. It has used that with its international expansion and that has served them well.”

Allyson Stewart-Allen, a Californian based in London and the author of Working with Americans, a business manual about US culture, said Tesco appears to have done its market research so thoroughly “the chances of failure are low”.

But she says Americans may not appreciate self-check outs at some of the stores, as they are used to having their groceries packed for them. “This is no-service at all and I don’t know if they will be able to cope with that,” she said. “Though if they recognise this means lower prices it may not be a problem.”

Tesco is putting £250m a year in the business following an initial investment of £89m. It expects the business to be profitable from its third year. Analysts are predicting 800 stores to be opened by 2012 and sales to grow to £6.9bn within five years. If it is a failure it will mark the end of a glorious career for Tesco’s chief executive Sir Terry Leahy but if it is a success it will be one of his greatest triumphs.

Tried and failed: how British retailers have messed up overseas

Despite early success in the 1970s and 1980s, the champion of chintzy floral frocks, right, eventually accepted just $1 to get rid of its US empire.

After 18 years in the US, it took £30m of trading losses for the cards and magazine retailer to withdraw. The post-9/11 collapse in the retail market saw it sell its US hotels retailing business to former management for £8m.

Dixons acquired Silo, a US chain, in 1987 but a recession left the company unable to compete with larger rivals. The electrical retailer took write-offs of more than £200m to pull out.

The ethical cosmetic group’s founder Anita Roddick nearly destroyed the company by failing to do her homework before rushing into the US. The campaigning stance did not work but the Body Shop is still there.

The music retailer closed its three remaining US stores in 2004, drawing a line under its loss-making American adventure.

In 2004 the retailer sold Shaw’s, its New England-based business, for £1.37bn to free up cash to placate its long-suffering shareholders.

In the early 1990s, Next opened three trial stores, including one in Boston. Lost “a handful” of millions of pounds on the venture before beating a retreat.

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Retail Agency

Our agency team provides tailored advice to property owners and retailers, with the aim of identifying the best location and properties.

Our experts work to understand clients’ needs to identify the best location and properties, negotiate terms and dispose of property in the most effective and profitable way.

In addition, our retailer services help retail and leisure occupiers on all aspects of their portfolios throughout the UK and Europe, from acquisitions to valuations.

Food retail

Our supermarket experts provides market-leading advice across transactions, development, research and planning.

Retail parks

Working with landlords and tenants alike, we cover store acquisitions and disposals, development and asset management of retail parks of any size.

Shopping centres

The complex balance between investment, management, agency, lease consultancy, development and valuation are all drawn together within the shopping centre team to ensure success and growth for the investor and their partners, the retailer occupier.

Town centre

Covering acquisitions, sales, development, lease advisory and valuations, our town centre team advises owners and occupiers on all property related matters in town and city centres throughout the UK.

Where to Sell Men s, Women s – Kid s Used Clothes #retail

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Where to Sell Used Clothes

  • Maternity clothing – Sell at a kids consignment sale; take it to Clothes Mentor ; list your stuff on eBay ; consign it on MotherhoodCloset ; or send it to ThredUp
  • Vintage clothing – List your stuff on Etsy or eBay. or consign it (check the phone book for consignment shops in your area). BuffaloExchange also accepts vintage clothing

Men s clothing – Put your clothing up for sale on Grailed ; take it to BuffaloExchange ; or list it on eBay

Designer clothing- List your items on Tradesy. TheRealReal or MaterialWrld (they offer store credit, rather than cash); or consign it at a high-end consignment store in your area

Plus size clothing- Sell your stuff through Clothes Mentor. ThredUp ; or search out a Facebook group that specializes in selling and trading plus size clothes.

As you re cleaning out your closet, be sure to go through your accessories, too. Most of these stores/websites also accept shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, belts and even perfume.

Not Sure Which Option to Choose?

High-end items (like vintage and designer pieces) tend to do best online. You ll get more eyes on your clothing, and you ll usually make more than you could locally.

For kids, juniors and maternity items, consider a kid s consignment sale. These usually take place twice a year — in the spring and again in the fall.

Pay Attention to the Fees

Almost all of the options listed above come with listing fees and/or commissions. Make sure you understand how much you re actually going to make before you agree to sell your items.

Trying to get rid of some things to make room for a new wardrobe? Then, consider accepting store credit, instead of cash. Most of the brick-and-mortar and online stores mentioned in this article offer store credit as a payment option, and will reward you with a bigger payout, if you decide to go that route.

Just want the closet space? Then, consider donating your used clothing to a local thrift store, or send them to Schoola. They ll mail the proceeds to a school of your choice.

Want to save more money. and get a fresh batch of tips delivered to your inbox each week.

Clothes Airers & Lines #next #retail

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Avg. Review Rating

Delivery Options Information

  • Standard: Delivery usually within 3 – 7 working days, depending on product type. Free on orders of 50+. For larger items, pay a little extra to choose a 2 or 4-hour slot
  • Next or named day: Chargeable UK delivery for smaller items when you order before 8pm – pre-10.30am also available
  • Express: Chargeable deliver within 2 working days; choose am or pm slot
  • Click collect: Order before 8pm and pick up next day from John Lewis and Waitrose shops
  • Collect+: Collect from a local convenience store for a small charge
  • By approved supplier: Delivery direct to you by supplier or their carrier; lead times will vary
  • International: Products we can ship abroad for you

See also

Clothes Airers Lines (42)

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Vintage Indie, Mod, Hippie Clothing, Retro Clothes & More! offers an eclectic collection of authentic vintage clothing online for men, women and children, including collector garments and accessories, military apparel and vintage home decor. As veterans in the vintage clothing industry, we are experts in locating quality vintage items that are valuable, desirable and historically significant. Whether your passion is for 1930s cocktail dresses, 1950s motorcycle jackets, 1960s hippie apparel, or any other kind of vintage retro clothes. you will find it here at

Hand-selected by our professional vintage consultants, is proud to showcase unique vintage and indie clothes from the classic eras we admire most–the 1930s through today. With new items added to our inventory daily, shoppers are presented with the largest selection of men’s, women’s, kid’s and military vintage clothing available on the Web with the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces they can’t find anywhere else. We carry vintage mod clothing for avid collectors and shoppers alike, taking the time to provide product details such as garment descriptions and historical information.

Go green with eco-friendly vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is not only a way to express your unique sense of style, it is an eco-friendly approach to clothes shopping. At, we offer 100 percent eco-friendly vintage indie clothing. giving you the opportunity to protect the environment without sacrificing style. Every time you purchase a vintage garment you are reducing our impact on the environment by keeping items from the landfill.

At, we understand that collecting is more than a pastime; it is a way to preserve and admire history, culture and most importantly fashion. Whether you own 1960s hippie clothing or WWII bomber jackets, we can help you add valuable and historical pieces to your collection. This is why we have neatly categorized our items by type of garment or era, making it easy for you to explore and find the item you have been searching for. Many of our clients are also designers and stylists on the hunt for quality fabrics such as vintage gabardine silk or cotton. Whether you’re a stylist, vintage collector or discerning shopper and have a passion for quality vintage and designer clothing, can satisfy your obsession.

Vintage Clothing
and fashion from all eras.

Military Clothing
and fashion from all eras.

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Stores w/ Coupons Updated

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Shop Cute Cheap Clothes Online for Juniors

Are you still searching for trendy clothing website or cheap clothing stores, which selling cheap clothes for women men more affordable Asian fashion for juniors? Shop online with us can be overwhelming, with a large selection of cute Chinese clothing, Korean fashion, Japanese Clothes, here will be terminal for you to shop cheap trendy clothes online.

Besides our trendy Asian style clothes online, our wholesale prices are very attractive to wholesalers. At our wholesale fashion store, we try our best to help our wholesalers to get the best selling cheap junior clothing, cheap women clothes and the most popular cheap clothes wholesale, meanwhile, we also provide the latest womens fashion clothing and cheap clothing for men. As a wholesale clothing distributor online, large of cheap clothing from China with an attractive wholesale price are always ready for you.

Shop online for affordable trendy women fashion and wholesale clothing from china, you won t need to take endless hours searching for discount fashion everywhere. We always keep abreast with current fashion, our constant new arrivals of trendy women clothes and cheap cute juniors clothes will ensure that everyone can find their own styles at our store.